Positive Feedback Online Issue #46


Herbie's Audio Labs Tenderfeet, Big Tenderfeet and Iso-Cups

These products work so damn well and are so inexpensive I don't know where to start. I came across them doing a little research one night trying to find inexpensive ways to improve my system. Of course a few of the Herbie's products have already been reviewed in these pages. But I had to find out for myself. So I bought all three of the products in the heading. I will spare the mandatory audiophile language and get to the point. These products improved the sound and the music making abilities of every piece of gear I put them under, and not in a subtle way. The surprising part is that they easily and noticeably improved the sound of the solid state equipment I use them with to a discernible degree every bit as much as the tube units. I will get straight to point number two. I felt like a fool spending big money on expensive and cumbersome isolation/vibration devices when the Herbie's Audio Labs products did the job a heck of a lot better, easier and way cheaper! There is one more thing, if you do try these and you still hear something wrong, check elsewhere in your system.