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Name: Andrew Sterland, Canberra, Australia
Review: Just wanted to advise I received the Super Black Hole mat..

Well, to say I'm impressed would be a drastic understatement.

This thing is the best tweak I've ever used, and I've used plenty. Boston tuneblocks, Black Diamond Racing Shelves, etc.

For $30 this is an astronomical bargain. (How did you do it??

Name: Larry Collins
Review: First I'd like to say the shipping was very quick. Now, as to the Super Black Hole...I started looking for a new disc stabilizer after tiring of misreads caused by my Marigo 3D disk (happens at least once per listening session with Marigo, and this after all the fuss and both of positioning it on the CD). So far, I haven't experience a single misread with the SBH, and it's a snap to put on and take off. I play my CD's with assurance again. The sound is way superior to the Marigo, both in imaging and soundstaging. I'm able to look into that "sound window", a space/time creation, more easily/deeper, and it has much more transparency. I've tried it with new age music, R&B and Rock, Jazz, and Blues music. They all sound fantastic, I especially freaked off the way it effected my new age music (example: It elevates Steve Halpern's "anti-frantic" line of recordings). To make a long story short it's good-by Marigo, hello Herbie. Thanks very much.

Name: Ramy Fam, Canada
Review: Hi. A while back I ordered & received the SBH cd mat in order to compare with my millenium cd mat. My immediate impression was the SBH is very analog sounding. Less harshness and glare without loss of fine details. Instrument separation became more pronounced & therefore you could hear more into the music. All in all there was a touch more emotion, musicality, to the sound. Listening is more enjoyable with the SBH & its the cd mat I'm going to keep.

Name: Tien Chee
Review: Thank you Steve. U r the best online seller i've ever dealt with. It's always a pleasure to buy products from u.

The carbon fibre black hole cd mat is a winner! music is fuller, quieter and more detailed. It focuses the image right to the centre.

I knew it was good, that's why i bought two at one go.

Name: Victor Rodriguez, Florida
Review: Here is a tweek that actually works! More high and low frequency extension! Better pinpoint imaging. Buy this product>

Name: Bret Miller, Springfield, Illinois
Review: Dave Shulte of Upgrade company recommended this to me for his awesome modded Nuforce Oppo universal Blu Ray player.

Name: Richard Bryan, San Francisco, California
Review: The new Black Hole is SUPER! Thanks.

Name: Jann Weiss, Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland
Review: Thank you. I have received it 4 days ago and I appreciate it very much. The effect is something like higher resolution (less grunge and glare) in a very natural sounding way.

Name: YC Toung, Hong Kong
Review: Your Super Black Hole CD mat has improved the performance of my Pioneer PD T09 CD player. This CD player is 16 years old with the stable platter mechanism. I did not expect the Super Black Hole CD mat can make such significant improvements on the followings : - the bass is more tight and deep - the vocal is more clear - the treble is more natural.

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