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Name: George Cole, Cary, North Carolina
Review: I really like what the Iso-Cup feet do under my SET monoblocs. While a cliche, it's actually like lifting a curtain, especially in the mid to high range.

Name: Jim Ousley, Arizona
Review: From the first few notes I knew that this was the sound I had been hoping to hear from my system. I've tried many footers under my player -- from simple to exotic -- but never have I heard the system "breathe" like it does now. Bass extension -- yes. Sweeter treble -- yes. And a lowered noise floor without a "signature." Thanks for an outstanding product.

Name: Bob W., Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Review: I recently purchased your iso cup ebony ball footers to use under a pair of ARC monoblocks. They are an extremely beneficial addition adding to the soundstage and level of resolution.

Name: Stephen Close, Enid, Oklahoma
Review: I'm using Dodd Audio 120W EL34 monoblocks, sitting on iso-cups and dampers on all tubes. Cleaned things up immediately. Tenderfoot under the DAC and IC dampers as well. So far, this is the most natural sound that I have achieved.

Name: Paul Hammond, United Kingdom
Review: Just a note to say thanks for the Tenderfeet and Iso Cups. The Tenderfeet worked very well under the CD player, cleaning and tightening the sound all over the place. Under my venerable Rega 3 turntable the Iso-Cups are amazing! A great upgrade!

Name: Bill Atkinson, Colorado Springs
Review: The footers work as advertised. The presentation is much more natural with more detail.

Name: Tom M.
Review: I bought four of the Iso-Cups for my tubed pre amp and four tenderfeet for the CD player. I wouldn't have imagined that there would be this much improvement in sound, but it just opened everything up and was much clearer.

Name: Stuart Gilmore, Hamilton, Ontario
Review: Steve...received the package in great condition. All I can say is holy shit -- and I'll throw in a WOW! I can't believe the improved performance. You've got it nailed. Very best regards, Stu up here in Canada.

Name: Dag Kolvik, Alesund, Norway
Review: The Iso-Cups are placed under my Cary CD and amp. The result is increast clarity, extended highs, improved focus, dimensionality and better bass. The improvement is far more than I expected. THANKS!

Name: Peter Camperos, Altadena, California
Review: Within the first hour I could tell these were a keeper. The next day I decided to change out my brass footers that were under my tube amp with three of your Iso-cups. Once again I noticed a huge improvement in sound: everything just became more in focus, better soundstage, imaging. I do not know how these footers work but they sound so much better than my solid brass footers. I feel these footers are not a tweak but are a necessity to bring out how much better your audio system can be. It is truly magical! Great job Steve!!

Name: Norman Handwerger, Baltimore, Maryland
Review: I don't have doubts that isolation anti-vibration devices can improve a component's performance, but I've been stuck in the mindset that you have to use mass loading or full sized platforms to achieve those results. At the strong recommendation of a friend, I ordered a set of Herbies Iso Cups. Herbies provided amazingly fast shipment; arrived two days after I ordered it. I put a set under the Musical Fidelity A5 CD player. The sonic changes were most likely subtle to non-audiophile ears and I spared my wife the agony of asking her the ever dreaded "don't you hear the difference" question. Yet, to me the change was dramatic. Still caught up in this drama, I am having a difficult time putting into words exactly what improvements I hear. I can unequivocally say that everything just sounds more "right". Yes, there are the usual changes that are experienced with isolation devices, such as a deeper soundstage, better defined images, clearer highs and mids, deeper bass. But, there is also a greater sense of drive, rythm and musicality that I did not expect. The iso cups have really revealed the better side of my CD player.

My guess, and it's only a guess, is that the Herbies don't do anything, but keep other things like vibrations and shelf resonances from doing their thing.

Name: Paul Uittenbogaard, New Hope, Pennsylvania
Review: Effect on the poweramp is really very big. More mids, less glaze, more details, more analog sounding. Perfect.

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