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Name: Tom Crocker, West Bloomfield, Michigan
Review: This will be my second set of Iso-Cups. The first set went under my cd player this set will go under my tube preamp. Your product is really helping overcome a poor setup that my components are setting on.

Name: Michael Shoemaker, Houston, Texas
Review: I purchased the (Iso-Cup) combos and so far the impact, while subtle, is noticeable. Given the resolution capabilities of my system, what I notice most is a greater sense of integration, a bit more depth of soundstage (especially on complex orchestral music) and, for some reason, a reduction in the one bass resonance that has been probably the most noticeable weakness in my system. The bass is simply smooth with virtually no peaks anymore. That was unexpected and worth the price right there!

Name: Paul Sanders, Bainbridge Island, Washington
Review: I put three Iso cups under each 50 lb. mono block and waited about 45 minutes for the components to warm up. What struck me immediately was the increase in clarity. As if someone took a cloth and windex to the "sonic window" which you didn't even realize was dirty. (a tired analogy, but an apt one). The next thing I heard was better imaging. Better bass response. Overall simply BETTER! Much better than brass spikes, or those "vibra pad" thingies. I swapped the 'cups with BDR #4's and the sound deteriorated, so back went the iso cups.

Name: Brad Burdic, Denver, Colorado
Review: Fantastic results so far with the Iso-Cups. Better instrument definition and depth placement, more low level detail. You definitely get my vote for customer service, and product satisfaction.

Name: James Mito, Torrance, California
Review: I placed the Iso Cups under my Jolida JD-100 and replaced the stock tube covers with the HAL-O's. WOW!!!! The improvment was far more than I expected. There is increased clarity, cleaner bass, extended highs without any harshness, improved focus and dimensionality. These two products have taken the Jolida JD-100 to a new level of performance.

Thanks again for the awesome products and even BETTER service!

Name: Mark Florendo, Singapore
Review: What can I say? I was completely stunned with the performance. The moment I have placed Iso-Cups under my cd player, it was a whole lot different music I was hearing. Further fine tuning on the placement and after it has 'settled' down, it literally lifted the music up a few notches higher. The Tenderfoot I have were already an improvement, but, these ones belong to a different league. Thank you!

Name: Mike Finn, St. Louis, Missouri
Review: Iso-Cups kick butt. I replaced roller-bearings under my tube preamp and monoblocks. The bass, which was a little "bloopy" before, is clean and powerful now. Reminds me of solid-state bass power, but the sweet "tube sound" remains, only better (less fuzzy and less harsh). Highly recommended.

Name: Michael Shover, Westminster, Colorado
Review: The Isocups and balls went under my (heavily modified) BAT VK-120 monoblocks. The difference here was all for the better. All registers seemed more focused but also smoother. The cliche regarding veil removal was in full effect. Excellent product and wonderful value!

Name: Rob Reynolds, Tacoma, Washington
Review: Iso-Cups knocked the socks off the brass cones under my turntable it's better defined. I'm really surprised because the brass cones made quite an improvement over the factory feet.

Name: Ken Chen, Taipei, Taiwan
Review: I now have the footers/balls underneath my modded Sony SACD and I could easily hear more articulate bass and imaging. The small tenderfooters underneath my preamp (tubed) relaxed things and made things more musical. Thanks for the great products.

Name: David Wise, Oxfordshire, U.K.
Review: I am not sure what I expected, but the isocups under my Tube SET made the most dramatic change. The difference was immediately audible, with no equivication, lower noise floor, better imaging and a deeper soundstage. The latter surprised me a little, but I'm not complaining.

Name: Richard Makarewicz, Lennox Head, Australia
Review: Under my Rega P9, the Iso-Cups made quite a difference, which surprised me given the anti-resonance work Rega put into their P9 plinth. There was also a greater sense of presence, or 'aliveness' to the music, and bass lines in particular were much more easily followed, occupying a more specifically defined space in the mix. A very worthwhile upgrade.

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