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Name: Toby Earp, Montreal, Canada
Review: I had been using Mapleshade Heavyfeet and a maple cutting board under the Audio Space tube integrated in my bedroom. My Iso-cups arrived a few days ago. I swapped the brass feet out and didn't think much more about it--no time to listen properly. Yesterday I was trying to nap in the afternoon and all of a sudden I noticed that my Haydn Trios sounded wonderful: warm and clear, with rich piano tone and sweet strings. The brass feet had cleared up the sound but the overall effect was too lean. The Iso-cups with lampblack balls have done just what I wanted! The main effect appeared to be a reduction of harshness in the mids and a richer presentation--very nice indeed and well worth the cost. In fact the leanness and the relatively thin harmonics in this system had been bothering me for a while. I had even been considering a speaker change. The Iso-Cups have done the job at much lower cost, and naturally I am impressed and delighted.

The success of this test of course meant that I had to discover the effect of Iso-Cups in my main system. The amps are a pair of Audio Space Nova M-34 monoblocks, like the bedroom amp also on maple platforms and standing on heavy brass cones.

This time the effect was really surprising. The impression was of a larger soundfield, smoother and richer tones, an increase in detail--quite intriguing. The soundstage was clearly deeper, wider and the image more detailed. My room is quite live and not carefully treated and I listen in the nearfield. Still, a convincing, detailed 3-D image appeared. The richer and smoother harmonics I had noticed in the bedroom system were there as well, but what has really impressed me is that the Iso-Cups made my Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods disappear. I am, well, staggered.

The value of your recommendation of the Iso-Cups has been borne out in triple spades. I wanted to tell you how pleased and grateful I am. Thank you very much indeed. Clearly your advice as well as your products are gold standard.

Name: Raphy Lohev, Kiriat-Ono Israel
Review: The Tenderfeet and Iso-Cups arrived two days ago and I tested them. In my system, they provided a cleaner sound, a slightly smoother highs and a slightly deeper (and more defined) bass. Also, the sound has now less haze and glare, which makes it more natural, at least to my ears. The difference is very moderate, but I'm glad that they actually work. To be honest, I know that my system setup and room acoustics are way sub-optimal, so I'm not surprised that the improvement is moderate; I appreciate their benefit. All in all, I find the Tenderfeet and Iso-Cups helpful and I like them.

Name: David Lin, San Jose, California
Review: I want to write you a note that I am truly amazed by your ISO-Cups! Everything sounds more focused and real. Amazing!! Thank you. Your products are the most effective ones I have used.

Name: Tony Holt, Atascadero, California
Review: In a word, the music is more 'natural' sounding -- i notice what others have, sibilants and harshness have mostly gone away, there's an added sense of air and clarity, more "live" sounding.

Name: Dave Rocco, Pennsylvania
Review: The final result is very impressive. Very clear, detailed, image galore. And the 3-dimensional aspect of the image is just stunning.

Name: Pete C., California
Review: My Isocups sound soo good on my Decware amp--Couldn't be happier--.Just last week my good friend David Schulte (Upgrade Company) came out to meet me in Southern Cal for a listening session at my home. He too commented on the Isocups and UltraSonic tube dampers and how he is enjoying those same tweaks in his own system.

Name: Alex Kovaleski, San Francisco, California
Review: Just wanted to let you know that I received my order of UltraSonics and Iso-cups yesterday, and they're working beautifully. Albeit subtly, they perform as advertised. Everything coming from my integrated just sounds better--tighter bass, new details, darker backgrounds, and I can turn it up louder without it getting gnarly.

Name: Brent Feorene, Fort Collins, Florida
Review: My comparisons are to the Vibrapods and Vibracones I used four to an amp.

Physically, the Iso-cups and balls work well at three per tube monoblock. They hold the 80+ lb each units securely with no sagging. There is no residue on my amp stands and amps.

Sonically, I am very pleased. The very first thing I noticed is a reduction in the harshness/glare. Now, my system certainly does not have a harsh/glaring sound. However, certain passages are a bit glaring, a bit harsh, a bit too forward. These passages have been dramatically improved. It is a more natural tone, particularly with female vocals. The pace and rhythm is more at ease -- I don't feel rushed at any time during a passage. I am not saying the pace/rhythm is sluggish or lethargic, but rather natural. I am tapping my foot a bit more.

Finally, I also feel that the soundstage image is better defined, more present. I didn't get any further depth or breadth, but certainly a better sense of location in space.

Overall, a winner for me.

Name: Noel Pastor, Philippines
Review: I can say the results is every bit worth the long wait for delivery. On the plinius 9200 integrated amp, the improvement was significant and immediately noticeable -- clearer and more stable image, more natural tonality, improved refinement and some gains in micro and macro dynamics. I guess all this was a result of controlling vibrations and thus lowering system noise and possibly distortions. This must be the best $100 audio dollar i've ever spent. These isocups are awesome and worth an unconditional recommendation.

Name: Bill Organ, San Marcos, California
Review: I tried them first on my preamp. They made a very pleasant change in the sound that was quite noticeable -- sweeter and a bit softer. I wasn't necessarily looking for a change and when I went back to the Boston Audio devices the sound was a bit more forward which, in my system, I think I prefer. However, it wasn't a very extended test so the jury is out.

I then moved all 6 Iso-Cups under my CIAudio mono blocks which is why I bought them. The results were very good. Bass, which is a forte of these amps, improved in depth and detail very noticeably. I think I hear an improvement in image focus as well. Anyway, it was a very good investment.

Name: Leonard Borden, Skokie, IL
Review: I'm impressed with what the Iso-Cup feet did. I can see the individual hairs blowing in the wind on DVD with clarity I never saw before. Colors are better defined, more natural. Results are better than the Isobearings I was using before.

Name: Bob Wilson, Connolly, Australia
Review: I've just received six Iso-cups so I now have them under CDP, Pre & Power Amps and have to say they are the best tweak I've bought in 30+ years. They have brought an ease and naturalness I didn't realise I was missing, while bringing out differences between CDs.

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