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Name: Jeffrey Matthews, Markham, Canada
Review: The other day I received my new Herbie turntable mat for my vintage (fully restored) Garrard Zero 100. As per my last email I told you I'd let you know if I hear any difference. Well to keep it brief...

"Holy Cow" - what an amazing product you have. I've always liked the sound of my turntable (along with the rest of my vintage analog audio gear), but this simple upgrade really made a big difference. I'm not hearing surface noise or motor noise anymore --- which was very minimally being transferred to my speakers (but still I could hear it).

What this did was almost like taking a veil off of the speakers. Now because only the music from the record is being transferred to my speakers without anything being added, I can hear details I did not hear before. It's so much clearer that you'd think I did a speaker upgrade, instead of just a turntable mat upgrade.

...I'm very pleased.

Name: Stephen Anderson, Canada
Review: I'm using your turntable mat with my Linn Sondek LP-12. It brings out the best in everything; it's really quite fantastic, and I'm very happy to have it.

Name: Frank Smith, Lusby, Maryland
Review: I got the Way Excellent for my Music Hall MMF-7 Turntable. Hard to believe a mat could make this much difference. This is one of those tweaks that you don't have to pretend you hear. It's all right there.

This mat replaced the Non Felt mat that had replaced the original felt mat. Compared to the Non Felt, the very dynamic bass in my copy of Pink Floyd -- The Final Cut went from sort of wooly and out of control with the Non Felt to smooth, tight and even more extended. Waters' voice comes right out at you.

Listening to Hank Mobley's Self titled album BN 1568, the Herbie mat put Mobley's horn in the room, and Sonny Clark's Piano (I think it is Clark) had notes literally popping out like bubbles of sound. It was so cool. Noise levels for all records went down and the pops in records were not as invasive as they once were.

It was a good purchase.

Name: Steve Weber, Madison, Wisconsin
Review: Been listening to my TT with the "way excellent" in place for the last few evenings and I have to say that the darn thing may actually improve the sonics of my vinyl rig (Rega P9 - Sumiko Blackbird). I bought it mainly to fix the static cling hassle with the stock felt mat and was not really expecting much in the way of better sound. In my line of work, I am paid to be skeptical, to debunk myths, to scoff at unsupported but widely believed illusions. I'm not going to gush out a lot of audiophile blather about sound staging, PRAT, and dynamics, etc. But female vocals and acoustic guitar do sound more realistic. Perhaps you could add another prefix to the product description: "Really is a way excellent TT mat"

Name: J. P., Chicago, Illinois
Review: The way excellent mat is great -- you had told me it is not so much anti-static as non-static, and this is 100% correct. A month deep in a dry chicago winter, the static problems I had with my felt mat (and even worse with the extreme none-felt) are totally gone. No static pops during play or when I lift the needle. The mat never sticks to the record! The sonic improvements are noticeable vs. the felt, and I'd say about the same as what I noticed with the none-felt. But I'd pay twice this amount for the static relief alone!

Name: Tony McCarty, Columbus, Ohio
Review: Just received the Herbie Mat, and I'm very pleased. It added both firm bass punch and more clarity on the high ends at the same time. My Pro-ject RM-4 was already a sweet sounding turntable, but the Herbie Mat really makes it sing. And, I don't really need the record clamp anymore. Oh, and it looks really cool, too. Thanks again.

Name: Patrick Poggia, Le Pecq, France
Review: The TT mat arrived earlier than announced and I thank you for that. It works beautifully. From an initial A/B comparison, I imediately found that the treble notes of a piano were richer and less aggressive. Then I tried to find the best adjustments. I suppose it is normal I had to change VTA as the Way Excellent mat is slightly slimmer than the original felt mat (no big deal). Then, with your mat, I was able to very precisely adjust cartridge bias and weight with no doubt on what was best. Also, I corrected very slightly one of my speaker angles and now, wow, the mat sure adds depth, width, air and harmonics. On some good recordings, the instruments are here in the room. Overall, my system (Linn LP-12, Ekos II, Akiva) is more musical than with the original felt mat. Thank you, I am rediscovering my records.

Name: Ronald Verlint, Dordrecht, Netherlands
Review: I started listening to some records with the original Linn LP12 mat and replaced it with your mat. Very happy to inform you that the sound quality has been improved now. Less colouration, better articulation of the human voice, more details, better soundstage. Anyway it's not just a change, it's really an improvement. Many thanks for this upgrade!

Name: Joe Mendez, Samammish, Washington
Review: I just have to tell you the mat is amazing! You just don't expect that much from a mat. Sure enough, it brings out better detail, and with my VPI Aries it does even better with a clamp -- the clamp gives it more dynamics and punch.

Name: Barry Smith, The Entrance, Australia
Review: I've had a few days to try the turntable mat on my LP12 and I'm very pleased with the result. Always difficult to describe sound, but I'd say "relaxed precision" would about cover it. I put the felt mat back on and was surprised how muddy it sounded. Certainly good value.

Name: Benjamin Yee, Fremont, California
Review: The first thing I noticed on my Pro-Ject 1.2 turntable was a better overall balance with extension of bass and treble with an additional clarity in the mids. I am surprised that changing from the stock felt mat to Herbie's mat can make such a difference. The most noticeable performance gains were in low bass and treble extension. Also, your mat does not stick to my LPs unlike my stock felt mat whether the turntable is running or not. It is a great inexpensive upgrade, worth every penny.

Name: Sean Heath, Golden Valley, Minnesota
Review: Got the mat today and am amazed at the improvement. I could go on and on but the best example is mistaking the barking dog on the Temptation record by Holly Cole for one of my German Shepherds even though I have heard that track many times before. Well worth the money, thanks also for the quick service. (Way Excellent II-3.7mm, 285mm diameter with Technics SL1200 MK II)

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