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Name: Barry Grant, Missoula, Montana
Review: Just a note to say how much I like your stuff. The TT mat and stabilizer make the greatest difference (w/Clearaudio Champion). Replacing a marigo interface platter, LPs now are more detailed and more relaxed sounding, and so more engaging.

Name: Kenneth Goss, Fremont, California
Review: I rec'd the mat today, worth every penny if not more. Listening to Heart "Dreamboat Annie" Nautilus Super Disc, I am hearing better vocal timbre, more air around the acoustic guitar and a bit more bass extension." (Older LP12, Valhalla, Cirkus bearing, Shelter 5000 Cartridge, Van Den Hul tonearm cable.)

Name: Ian Threadgold, Warrington, United Kingdom
Review: The turntable mat (3.7mm version) works a treat on my Garrard, more neutral and natural sounding.

Name: Gary Sasso
Review: Just got my Way Excellent II (2mm) mat in the mail today. Put it on my Rega P3-24 and wasn't sure that I'd hear any difference. I was wrong. Everything tightened up; soundstage improved, bass was tight and right, treble shrillness went away. But, by far the most improvement was in midrange voicing; Shelby Lynne (Just a Little Lovin--great album) sounds stunning. Remastered 180g vinyl Pet Sounds is incredible. And, the Atlantic remaster of Cotrane's Giant Steps now really shows what a genius the guy was.

Thanks for a great product at a great price.

Name: Jeff Baird, Des Moines, Iowa
Review: hey I wanted to take a second and tell you thank you for taking time to answer my questions so quickly and to tell you WOW!

I normally do not email a manufacturer on a product after I have purchased it but this has made such a huge difference I had to. Being old school audiophile and not warming up to the idea that a lot of tweaks really work I have been very hesitant to try a lot of little things like this, but I have to say your mat has made a huge difference in my system! The lows are where I really hear the difference, they seem so much tighter than before, I would have never believed it until hearing it! But everything seems just a touch more real. After playing just one side of Billy Joel's MFSL I thought maybe your mat was magic?? When I closed my eyes I would have sworn his piano was in my room!

Thanks again, I will recommend this to everyone I talk to!!! (Way Excellent II-2mm mat w/Rega P25)

Name: Richard Benner, Highspire, Pennsylvania
Review: Almost all my audio equipment is 'vintage' and I honestly thought that the sound couldn't be improved until I received my Way Excellent Mat and SuperSonic record stabilizer. It's like having a new system.

Name: Michael Z., Cherry Hill, NJ
Review: I received the mat already and all I can say is WOW-AWESOME!!!! The sound stage really opened up. Everything just sounds so much better, more clear. more presence. And just as impressive is the BIG reduction in ticks & pops throughout... I put on an old trusty "very used" Stones lp and could not believe it was the same record! The quiet parts never sounded so good, so intimate. I can really hear the natural reverb decay trail off now, and the acoustic guitars & vocals sounded amazing together! And with my Music Hall MMF-7 I didn't even need to adjust the VTA. The 2mm mat size seems perfect for it! Couldn't get any easier!

It really brings out the sound of the instruments so much better then the factory felt mat. No comparison.

Name: Ray McClain, Savannah, Georgia
Review: The Way Excellent II 2mm turntable mat arrived today. I want you to know how pleased I am with it. I put it on a stock AR XA, and noticed a clear improvement over my former '70's vintage Discwasher felt mat. With both mats, I tapped the platter and also tapped on a record with the stylus in the groove (motor off), and could easily hear a difference in resonance control, the Way Excellent II mat being my preferred choice.

The mat is destined to go on a highly modified AR XA with after-market sub-chassis, motor and Sumiko MMT tonearm. I will be ordering another mat to go on the stock table, which is going to be part of a second system.

I have wanted to try a new mat for many years. For whatever reason, I was not inclined to try sorbothane, lead or cork. I am glad that I found out about your products and gave your mat a try.

Name: Jaime Amador, Puerto Rico
Review: Hello! The Mat just arrive and it fits perfectly! It sound great right away! THANKS! (Gyrodec Mk3 w/Way Excellent II-3mm, 292mm diameter.)

Name: Russell Bucans, Manchester, New Hampshire
Review: Your mat made a very significant difference over the good old AQ Sorbothane mat I've been using. Detail, sweetness, focus (bass too!), dimensions, frequency extension (bass and treble), groove silence (!) All increased VERY NOTICEABLY. I really believe my cartridge is tracking much better (Denon DL-103) on your mat.

I'm using a classic Well Tempered turntable and arm.

Name: Paulo Mendes, Portugal
Review: I just received your way excellent II mat to install in my Micro-Seiki RX-1500 which did wonders but I wasn't expecting what came next. I tried it in my custom made turntable and my jaw fell into the floor, god what a difference, it seems I did a $1000 upgrade like my cartridges where upgraded (Van den Hul Grasshopper III SLA, Benz Micro LP and Dynavector D17 MKII). I love it so much that I going to buy another for the Micro-Seiki because this baby isn't leaving my main analog setup, so in a word THANKS for a great product.

Name: Don Walizer, Conway, Arkansas
Review: I'm really happy with my Way Excellent II Turntable Mat on my Thorens TD 126 tt. I've used various cork and felt mats in the past and have not been very satisfied.

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