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Name: Jacob Wildemore, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
Review: It sounds great on my MMF 7.1.

Name: Robert Kernechel, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Review: I bought the Way Excellent II 2mm turntable mat for my Nottingham Horizon TT and it is fantastic. What an improvement in soundstage and depth! I also have tighter bass and more liquid highs. I was skeptical but this is the real deal.

Name: Claybourne White, St. Charles, Illinois
Review: Thanks for the quick service, and for a product which, so far, seems like one I'll be happy with for a long time. I'd replaced the felt mat on my Music Hall MMF-7 with a Ringmat. Sonically good combination, but after a record change or two, the mat loved to stay with the record. Your mat sounds as good with no static problem. Wish I'd found it sooner. Had no idea what you had to offer until I read several posts on the Steve Hoffman site.

Name: Grady Lewis, Virginia
Review: Bought your mat for my AR ES-1. Very pleased with it.

Name: Adam Edwards, Altamont, New York
Review: The mat was delivered in yesterday's mail, perfectly packaged. Thanks a lot. Last night, I tried it out. My latest "reference LP's" are Sonny Rollins "Way Out West" and Shelby Lynne "Just a Little Lovin".

I compared short three minute spins with each album first on my Rega felt and then on your mat. The music with your mat in place seemed cleaner and more realistic. Sonny's breath through the sax reed was more "in the room," and Shelby's voice seemed a bit less nasal and more "alive." I then sat back, and enjoyed a full side of Ella (Live in London), Graham Nash (Songs for Beginners), Cat Stevens (Tea for the Tillerman), and Dexter Gordon (Go !), and I was very impressed with how all the music seemed to sound better with the Herbie's mat. My initial reaction to your mat is a very good one, and I'm looking forward to more listening this weekend.

Name: Bill Faust, Whitehall, Montana
Review: Steve, Just received my "Herbie's Way Excellent II Turntable Mat." First, I would like to thank you for your quick response. I ordered late Monday evening, and yet you responded that night to let me know that the mat would ship the next morning. Great service! I installed the mat on my Music Hall MMF 5.1, replaceing the stock felt mat. I am a budding audiophile and have been upgrading my audio system over the past several months. Because I am new, I still have difficulties explaining the differences that I hear with the various upgrades, but let me state unequivocally that the mat made a significant difference for the better. I can say that the bass is much cleaner and has more "punch" without being overbearing.

Can't wait to hear more of my collection on the mat.

Name: Sean Heath, Golden Valley, Minnesota
Review: Got the mat today and am amazed at the improvement. I could go on and on but the best example is mistaking the barking dog on the Temptation record by Holly Cole for one of my German Shepherds even though I have heard that track many times before. Well worth the money, thanks also for the quick service." (Way Excellent II-3.7mm, 285mm diameter mat with Technics SL-1200MK2.)

Name: Joel Waterman, San Jose, California
Review: I had a RingMat 330 XLR on my Thorens (125 MkII). I did a number of A/B/A tests with the last track on Side 1 of Ben Webster/Joe Zawinul's "Soulmates." I found that the Ringmat displayed some brittleness around the treble which I did not experience with Herbie's mat. The midrange was less muddy than with the Ringmat. I found I could more clearly discern the piano lines. They, and the bass, had more foundation, the tone was "rounder" and it sounded like they were brought forward in the mix somewhat. There was an evenness to the sound of the band that I found more pleasant to listen to with Herbie's mat. The Ringmat accentuated the tenor and cornet to the slight detriment of the piano, bass and drums. Herbie's mat put it all nicely into place again.

The differences were not earth shattering in my system. But they became more clear upon repeated switching and listening. Overall I found the differences worthwhile and certainly worth the money.

Name: Randy Krelle, San Francisco, California
Review: "The Way Excellent II (2mm), as you recommended, is sounding very fine on my Lenco."

Name: Neale Ramakrishnan, Toronto, Canada
Review: Firstly, I'm glad I gave you a good measurement for the custom OD - and glad I let you cut it! No way I would have been that clean. Same for the ID, of course - great start.

Now, I wasn't a skeptic, but I didn't think I'd hear much difference. Difference, sure, but I wasn't expecting what I heard. Much improved clarity and detail. I didn't even bother A/Bing it with the stock mat. So much more stuff that I was hearing that I didn't EVER hear before. Definitely different, and there's no accounting for taste, but I like the difference. Like it a LOT.

Name: JF, Simi Valley, California
Review: Just a word to say how much I like the mat. It's working better than the Funk (or felt)

Name: Robert Stuthridge, Straughn, Indiana
Review: The Way Excellent II 2 mm Turntable Mat arrived in perfect condition (and very quickly) today - thank you. I lost no time fitting it onto my Ariston RD11s (SME series III, Shure V15-RS) and am totally astonished at the improvement over the premium felt mat I was using previously. Reduced noise, improved tonal quality throughout the frequency spectrum, and the music sounding "effortless" and "unstrained" with your mat. I can't believe how much difference the mat makes. I had already modified the Ariston to get the best out of it - this is really more than the icing on the cake! Well done and thanks!

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