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Name: Wayne Waananen, The BOLDER Cable Company
Review: I have one on my MMF-5. It is quite a bit better than the stock felt. No problem changing albums while the platter is still turning.

I brought one over to a buddie's place to compare to his Non-felt. The Herbie's had quite a bit tighter and extended bass. Surface noise was even reduced. Highly recommended.

Name: John Pharo, The Cable Company
Review: Just thought you might like to know what tables some VERY satisifed customers of mine are using your "WAY Excellent" Mat with in addition to the ones already mentioned on your website.

I personally have a Music Hall MMF9 table (Benz M2 cartridge) and your mat is a huge improvement over the ringmat (and every other mat/clamp that I've tried). Some of my very happy customers have:

Rega 25

ClearAudio Master Reference (with TQ1 arm and Dynavector arm)

Thorens TD 180

The only problem with the WAY excellent mat is the price—people who haven't tried it think it can't possibly be any good if it costs that little!

Name: John Zimmerman, The Audio Connection
Review: That mat is AWESOME!

Name: Stephæn Harrell, Reviewer, The Absolute Sound, 6Moons
Review: From 6moons.com:

"If you're like me and love to dig deep into the grooves late at night without disturbing your loved ones, just get the mat, spin the black licorice and get ready to hear more than you thought possible from a $50 upgrade."

Name: Terry Provence, Naples, FL
Review: Originally bought a Way Excellent II for my Music Hall MMF7.1. The differences were incredible. I sold that TT and opted to head down the "classic path" so bought a mint Denon PD47F. Looking forward to the arrival of the new mat for this TT. I just installed some soft Tenderfeet under it and that made a marked improvement already. Thanks for great products.

Name: Luis Santiago
Review: My set up is receiver onkyo TX-SR605,cd denon CDR-W1500,Phono Tube project TubeBox w Electro Harmonix 12AX7EHG,turntable Music Hall MMF-2.1LE ferrari red w Cartridge Ortofon 2M Red and Speakers Athena Technologies Micra-6- i used in 2ch my cables is monstercables navajo white w interconectors MIT - alas i put the herbie mat in my turntable i listen some Lp's Mofi i will hear the diference in all fequencies more body more information more tridimensionall more extended sound i watch the ortofon i encountered more stability and more trackability than before and i'm very impressed in this set up is changed the soundstage is more open i will recommended this tweek my friends for a cheap is the best tweak i ever tried thanks herbie

Name: Mathieu Marcil, Toronto, Canada

I had tried felt (2 kinds), rubber, and a cork spot mat on my mmf-5 and the Way Excellent mat easily outperformed them all. That mat now sits atop my new Pro-Ject RPM 1.3 Genie,

and I bought a second mat for the Technics SL-B3 I keep in the study for transcribing vinyl to digital—the 285 mm version is a perfect fit for the platter with a raised edge, exactly as advertised.

Name: Rich/Long Island, New York
Review: I don't know what else I can say about This Way Excellent Mat that I received today that hasn't alreday been said....
It is one of the best tweeks of the century....Anyone owning a turntable should not be without one....It just makes you want to listen to your albums all over again and hear what you've been missing.......Thanks again....

Name: Doug Brasier, Sydney, Australia
Review: The Way Excellent II Mat and the Well Tempered Turntable vs AQ Sorbothane Mat


Ok, so I'll be keeping the Way Excellent II-3mm Mat on my Well Tempered Classic!

Just a few comments in response to what you've said below (Which was mostly quite on-the-money).

My findings with respect to your predictions...

You said, "...Sorbothane has a tendency to sort of skewer sonic linearity. Sometimes, with Sorbothane in the system, bass response is uneven and some higher frequencies attenuated. As time goes on, sometimes the system itself is skewered to accomodate the Sorbothane influence, and then when the Sorbothane is removed, the whole system might seem over bright, 'off' in the bass, and other problems."

In comparison to the Audioquest Sorbothane mat, the Way Excellent-II definitely provides tighter, more extended bass and linearity. More hi-frequency extension and linearity. Mid range was much the same.

The only area where the Sorbothane mat was better was in its ability to dampen spurious record noise, i.e. small clicks and pops. Records seem "quieter" insofar as if they're "in better condition" with the sorbothane mat.

But the AQ mat emphasizes the mid range and mid range dynamics. Music seems "LOUDER" overall with the AQ mat - but not at the frequency extremes. I hadn't "tweaked" my system, I'd just ignored it. Or got used to it. Compared to digital for example, the TT high freq extension and energy is now MUCH more, and some would say "over-bright." But I'll do something about that in another way.

In comparison with no mat at all, both the AQ sorbothane mat and the Way Excellent II dampen bass in my system and clean up treble, but the Way Excellent II does a better job. The AQ mat dampens the highs TOO MUCH.

The one situation where the AQ mat could be used again at its best is where i have a "BRIGHT" RECORD that is also damaged with clicks and pops!!!

Name: Robert Simpson, Ohio
Review: My first impression with the mat (Way Excellent II) is that it takes my humble vintage AR turntable to another level. It's like I upgraded to a $1500 table. Everything is much more focused and musical. I love it.

Name: Michael Dubrow, Sedona, Arizona
Review: My Linn LP12 is 23 years old, but is fully updated with Keel/Tampolin suspension, Ekos tonearm and Akiva Cartridge, etc. But man, I CAN'T BELIEVE how great it sounds with your new mat. You took perfection of sound to a new level. Thank you.

Name: Michael Lal, Bolton, Ontario
Review: Just recieved my Herbie's Way Excellent II (3mm) mat for my Thorens TD160 and let me just say one thing: "Wow!" I've noticed right away a more open wider soundstage, lower surface noise, better defined bass and cleaner midrange. The turntable just increased its value by a thousand bucks! Awesome product Steve, keep up the good work.

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