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Name: Gabe Walters, Washington, DC
Review: My mat arrived today and I have to tell you that I can't believe what a difference it's already made. Immediately I noticed that the noise floor of my Debut III has dropped to an inaudible level, where previously there was motor rumble. As you know, this is due to the mat decoupling the record from the platter. And because of your recessed label design, and materials used, the records play flat and with great definition. Transients have the right amount of attack, but don't splatter. The bass guitar and kick drum are present but focused, never flabby. Midrange instruments like piano, guitar and voice have all the warmth and presence one expects from vinyl. The snare snaps the way it should. The overall presentation is sublimely musical and it just coheres. I admit I was skeptical of spending this money on a mat, but am so glad I did. I can't imagine a better sounding upgrade for the money, and your product deserves all the accolades and hyperbole one can muster in its praise.

Name: David Massaro
Review: Dear Steve Herbelin,
I spoke with you on the phone last week regarding my Rega P5 with a Benz Micro SL Wood cartridge. You recommended your ‘Way Excellent II-2mm’ mat. I received it a few days ago and played it yesterday. I am very pleased and impressed with this mat. The background noise has been greatly reduced. Your mat is significantly better than the stock Rega felt mat, a carbon fiber mat I purchased, and a cork mat that I tried.
Thank you again!
David Massaro

Name: Pierre Terrier
Review: First off, great packaging and very nice personal touch by the owner in how he handles his business.

Now the mat: Keep in mind I listen mainly to late sixties and seventies rock of all kinds. That kind of music needs to sound vibrant to deliver a clean bright energy output to sound best to me. I have a basic pro-ject debut turntable with steel platter and after three days of testing the Herbie's mat verses a felt mat and a rubber mat I have come to the following conclusion:

The only way for me to get the 100% pure "rock" sound I need out of the Herbie's mat is to simply lay the record on the mat as gently as possible without applying any force to it whatsoever against the mat (like pushing down on the label to improve contact with the mat has a real negative effect with me as it muffles the sound big time, giving way too much of a dampening effect). From what I can see and feel it's because the mat has a suction cup effect on the record where when the record is forcefully pushed against the mat it literally gets absorbed into the mat. I mean it cuts down the clarity of the sound by a big margin. I personally would NEVER use a clamp or weight on a Herbie's mat as it produces a double dampening effect giving you a very dull sound overall missing out on all kinds of subtleties in the music.

In conclusion, by simply gently laying down the album on the mat and nothing else as I described, I experience a terrific overall sound, keeping all the clarity I want and adding the perfect amount of dampening to cut out unwanted resonance. This Herbie's mat is a real winner. It's way better than felt as it cleans easily when dirty, records never stick to the Herbie's like they do to felt and for pro-ject owners it's a no brainer as it is cut to the 280 mm required platter size and with the 2mm thickness no need to worry about not having a VTA on your turntable because it's not much thicker than the felt that comes stock on the pro-ject debut to make any difference. Thank you to Herbie, it took me a while and I was a bit frustrated at first but I finally figured out what works for me and I'm a content music lover. Happy listening!

Name: Michael Schroeder, Lehigh Acres, Florida
Review: I recently received your wonderful Way Excellent II 2mm turntable mat for my Rega/Moth Planar 2. I am Dee-lighted with the results! High frequencies are clearer and crisp, instruments and voices are better placed with a broader sense of space, and the lows have more clarity and authority. Wonderful improvement over the stock felt mat!

Name: Mike R., Washington, DC
Review: My only regret about the turntable mat I purchased from you recently is that I didn't purchase it sooner. I had been using a "none felt" mat on my Linn LP-12 and credit it with a subtle but still discernible improvement over the original felt mat. I was quite astounded when I replaced it with your mat. The improvement--deeper and tighter bass, cleaner and clearer mids--was more than subtle. Indeed, the improvement was what I might have expected by upgrading to a better cartridge.

Other products of yours that have improved my system include the square fat dots I also purchased from you recently and your tube dampers, which I bought some years ago and continue to use on my Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 pre-amp.

Name: Ed Kobesky, Positive Feedback Online
Review: Way excellent, indeed. Online review

Name: Robert Stein, The Cable Company
Review: Herbie's "Way Excellent" mat is one of the least expensive upgrades for any turntable, and one that outperforms virtually any other mat available—no kidding. This mat makes transients sharper, decays more sustained, tightens bass response, lowers the noise floor, enhances imaging depth, and harmonically enriches the midrange all at the same time. Ask any of the Cable Company consultants about this—we all use the Herbie's mats in our own systems!

Name: Rich Brkich, Signature Sound
Review: As a long time Rega dealer, we have never been much of a fan of the ubiquitous felt turntable mat that comes with the well known Rega Planar series turntables. Herbie's Way Excellent Turntable Mat beats the pants off the Ringmat, felt mats and other mats. Finally! We have a well designed mat that is reasonably priced.

Name: Robert Herman, Lyric HiFi
Review: I'm using them on my customized SP-10 MK II, which was using an Oracle hard mat and Goldmund clamp; and my STD 305D. Being in the high-end audio biz for 25 years I've seen lots of accessories come and go. This is easily the best mat I've used, much better than the Ringmat (which we sell), or the Oracle hard mat. It definitely sounds best without the clamp. Thanks much!

Name: Alex Gonzalez, AG Labs/ Odyssey Audio
Review: I received the order a few days ago—very fast shipping. I can only tell you after a few hours using your 'way excellent' mat, the sound coming out of the turntable has improved a few notches! Immediately clear to my ears is the sense of more space without the extra damping I was getting with the stock (rubber) mat. Overall better definition. So far I like it better without a clamp! Great product.

Name: Todd Reitz, TR Audio
Review: Well the reviews are right, your mat sounds more lively and punchy than the None Felt doughnut mat I was using. I ended up playing records a lot longer than I planned to this evening, and you KNOW that's a good sign. I noticed that the records seem to stay flatter than before, maybe because the mat is a little more compliant? Dunno, but it works.

Name: Sonic Perfectionists, Kirkland, Washington
Review: I purchased one of your 'Way excellent' mats from you a while ago. It has been a tremendous improvement when used on my classic Thorens TD-126 MK II turntable.

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