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Name: John Lanier
Review: It's great with my MMF-7.

Name: Eric Haller, Shirley, New York
Review: After playing just a few LPs I noticed a tighter bass, much tighter, and quieter background. Very happy with the mat. thank you.

Name: Dolores P., Wrexham, United Kingdom
Review: The difference in sound quality, quite frankly, is night and day! The importance of the interface between record and platter is often underestimated; the Herbie's mat provides a clevery executed and very effective solution to this issue. I'm very pleased -- thanks for a great product!

Name: Peter Gough, Canada
Review: I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful mat. I had been finding my system a tad bright, and the mat has settled the high end down immensely. I listen almost exclusively to jazz recorded between 1950 and 1980 and find piano and vibraphone no longer stings my ears. I no longer suffer listening fatigue.

Name: Buyung Soeharmadji, Jakarta, Indonesia
Review: Your way excellent mat give my analitical clearaudio more soul or maybe people usually use the term Prat.

Name: David Harbaugh, Jackson, Michigan
Review: I ordered a TT mat earlier this week. It arrived quickly and am very happy with the quality and performance of your product. It is being used as a replacement on a restored idler table and looks quite nice as well. Thanks for your quick service and solid upgrade to my analog set-up.

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