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Name: Michael Schall
Message: Looking forward to using your Way Excellent II 3.7mm Mat,
I've heard good things about them.
Name: b trout
Message: Steve, Just ordered a few items. Not sure which regular Tenderfoot I ordered previously (soft or firm?) but guessing it was the soft. One, two years back I ordered four tall Tenderfoot's for my amp which are still in use, and I bought eight spike pucks with a grey color pad adhered to the bottom of them (which I use under my speaker stand spikes) - but I don't see these grey pads anymore on your store site and they must have been discontinued. I am going to try two of your stabilizers on my SACD/CD player which has a pretty thin metal case and see if any audible improvement. It would be nice if you offered other size stabilizers, but perhaps that would not make financial sense to have other sizes. I can return the SS if they don't workout - right?

Regards, Brian
Name: John Mitcham
Message: Hi:
Returning Customer, going to give Gliders a try under my Amp Stands, along with the main Stereo Rack, if I hear a considerable improvement I will be buying more.
Name: Glenn A Thomas aka Dr. Glenn
Message: Unbeatable Ergonomics!
Unbeatable Sound!
Unbeatable Price!

What's not to like?! A+ Rating!
Name: juan
Message: as a person who does DJ-ing and appreciate the beauty of sound when you get a proper soundsystem fitted out, i know for a fact that the stuff on your site is quality. Juan from Esteticaa
Name: David Popovich
Message: Thank you for the quick response to my inquiry. I have placed my order and am looking forward to receiving the mat. My friends have had great luck with your products.
Name: JB Coleman
Message: Hello--

Decided to go for the Rega P9 Grungebuster mat! Thanks for the feedback,

JB Coleman
Name: floyd
Message: just installed the herbie mat on my denon dp-60L turntable and the difference is breathtaking...the depth and clarity of the bass is very noticeable, the separation of the mids provides more distance between the bass and the treble. this make my ole denon a rival for decks costing thousands....thanks for the quality product and bang for buck performance....i am not a tweaker! but feel the mat has offered said improvement

Message: Repeat happy customer, just got the Quicksilver V4s and looking forward to bring these babies up to the Herbie level. I tell anyone that will listen about Herbie's Audio Products! The proof is in the pudin'

Name: Andrej
Message: Hi.
Best regards from Slovenia.
Andrej Sporin
Name: Luc Johnson
Message: What the devil is tube damping in layman terms?

Herbie's reply: Vacuum tubes used in audio components typically suffer from some degree of distortions caused by vibrations. Damping (reducing) the vibrations of the tubes reduces distortions that you hear in the music. (More comprehensive info is available here: FAQ's)
Name: Brian Trout
Message: Have looked around for dampening devices for my 23 lb. Sony XA5400ES disc player and there are many types. HRS sells dampening plates that cover a lot of surface area. The supersonic stabilizers as described are described as operating differently than just being weighted dampeners. There are of course the expensive isolation platforms for which the manufacturers promise (sic) big improvements in sound. It's all so damn confusing these tweaks. I do use your Tenderfoots under my integrated and the Sony disc player and I know almost all sellers of audio components/tweaks suggest their devices work best in concert. Just thought I'd add that comment. If I try two of your stabilizers and TO MY EARS they do nothing or close to nothing - can I return them for full refund? ALSO - whats with these CD mats of which there must be at least a dozen varieties being offered by different sellers. Isn't there the chance that they can get jammed in a front loading CD player? I have read various reports saying any improvements depend on the player and the individual disc being played. That is even more confusing! No doubt you can relate having heard these comments from others before. Thank you.

Herbie's reply: Hi, Brian. All Herbie's Audio Lab products have a 90-day money-back trial period. SuperSonic Stabilizers usually work best on components with Tenderfeet underneath, but are certainly worth an audition in tandem with other footers.

With CD mats, as with all audio accessories, results vary from one system to another because of myriad differing interdependent variables in each audio system. CDs can jam inside a player with or without a mat on them; we've never had any problem with customers' CDs jamming with our mats on them, though. Herbie's products tend to be less system dependent than most and improvements are virtually always in order, sometimes subtle and sometimes quite profound.
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