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Name: b3344
Message: Just got the mat after wait for ten days. And try on demon a100 100 year anniversary model. After AB test several time Herbie mat give more bass and more live more musical sound. Smooth And soft sound Unbelievable !!!
4.5 mm thick
Name: Warren
Message: Thanks for my 2nd Herbie's Mat
Message: Hi.
I'll apply mat ( 5mm thick, standard hole ) & supersonic stabilizer to well tempered amadeus GTA.
Any problem?

Herbie's reply: No problem at all. Because the Way Excellent II Turntable Mat is more efficient at isolation than felt or rubber, and because the VTA/tonearm height of the Amadeus GTA is easily adjustable, you don't really need a mat that thick. A 3mm mat is sufficiently thick for optimal results with Well Tempered turntables.
Name: Ultra3
Message: Nice products, a niche that is hard to found somewhere else,

Hope te make business with you again
Name: Mike Gallaro
Message: Hi. I have used the rubberized discs I purchased from you that are placed over the center hole on compact discs with success ( I do hear more air and a smoother and a little more detailed sound ). So, I thought I would order these large tenderfeet to place under my heavy Mark Levinson ML3 amp to see if they help improve the sound. I hope they do. Thanks
Name: Peter
Message: Hi to all at Herbie's Audio Lab and congratulations on your 10th Anniversary! Wishing you all the best in the future! Discovered your great site and was very impressed with all your products and the very reasonable prices. Just ordered an UltraSonic Rx tube dampener, can't wait to give it a try, thank you all.
Name: Greg
Message: Just ordered a bunch of the threaded gliders for my Decware ERR radial speakers and Zrack racks. Great stuff made by Bob Ziegler of Designs in Wood, made even better with the gliders (which truly improve the bass).
Name: Alyn
Message: Read a lot of good things about your turntable mat. Looking forward to trying it out.
Name: T. McCarthy
Message: Installed Big Tall Tenderfeet under Musical Fidelity A5.5 Integrated Amp and definitly noticed a difference, smoother sound, less harsh, just ordered additional feet for Musical Fidelity CD and Oppo DVD. Cant wait to get them !
Name: luis
Message: thanks for attending my shopping
Name: Jon Carter.
Message: Hi,
just made my ongoing 4th or 5th order from you for the brilliant black hole cd mats you produce, which just make cd sound so much more lifelike. Keep up the good work. Best wishes.
Name: Urs Miotti
Message: Great products!
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