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Customer comments for: Home Page

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Name: Glen Giffen
Message: Hi Herbie,

The gliders made a big difference so now getting another set for speakers in my home theater room!
Name: Steve
Message: Thanks Herbie for all your help and advice.
Name: David Webb
Message: Mat is sure well thought of on internet discussions...looking forward to trying it!
Name: deutscherhififan
Message: The decoupling gliders made a world of difference
Name: ____
Name: M
Message: The rings are big improvement on my preamp tubes so I'll try them on the amp tubes now. Thank you.
Name: Sean DeShane
Message: Thanks, Steve. As always, you're great to deal with and your products are even better than your customer service.
Name: Roger Oliver
Message: Thanks again for the great customer service you always provide!
Name: M. Kennedy
Message: I'll let you know how everything goes. Many thnks for the recommendations and personal attention. Great customer service!

Name: m sørensen
Message: heard about you from a friend who says your products and services are tops
Name: Audiophool
Message: The cone gliders worked so well for me that Im going to give them a try in my downstairs system too. Surprisingly, the Thiel speakers are no so harsh now and theyr better sounding...more like they should sound IMO.
Name: B3344
Message: From Thailand
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