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Customer comments for: Home Page

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Name: Pierre Gallant
Message: Great products, superb service
Name: Geraldo Ferreira
Message: Thanks for your attention. You´re great.
Name: Michael Victoria Canada
Message: I have to admit I was skeptical,but awesomely surprised,Actually started off with Black hole and couldn't get it to play consistently in my machine but I ordered cable dampers anyway and was pleasantly blown away.I did my complete system amps speakers. Since then black dots under my sub ,sticky dots for monitors,deluxe isocups, and hushpuckies under the stands. Each addition revealed more and more to the ear am looking forward to see what the the wieghts and putting the dampers on the powercords do. Excellant stuff at an awesome deal for the results.Almost addictive in that once you do it you want to see what doing more will do for you.Have recommended to anyone who listens.
Name: Chris
Message: Here we go again! New amp, more dampers. So glad you guys make such a fantastic product - I'd hate to have to go solid state just to avoid rattle!

Name: Jeff R.
Message: Hi! Everything's going great. thanx for the advice!

Name: steveassante
Message: I have my Oppo 95(balanced 2ch output setup) sitting on 4 Tenderfeet,I thought I'd try Iso-Cups to see if there is any increase in micro level detail response,I'm thinking there will be(This is not to say I'm not completely satisfied w/ the Tenderfoot set-up. They'll go under my external CD/DVD burner)
Name: Sean
Message: Tube Dampers/ISO cups/Feet/SuperSonic Stabilizer/Domes/ etc, etc. Great products, repeat customer, many..many times. Keep up the great work for us Audiophile compulsives

Name: Jose L Catalan
Message: Glad to come back to herbie's place. Good products and fassst service!
Name: Don jr
Message: My first order and I can't wait. Finally completing my system that I will keep for a very very long time
Name: Roger C
Message: Tube dampers are a great improvement. Highly recommended.
Name: Snotty
Message: Looked all over the web until I found your site to give me what I needed . . Thx
Name: Bill J.
Message: Thanks again for the great service and advice!
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