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Name: Chris
Message: Here we go again! New amp, more dampers. So glad you guys make such a fantastic product - I'd hate to have to go solid state just to avoid rattle!

Name: Jeff R.
Message: Hi! Everything's going great. thanx for the advice!

Name: steveassante
Message: I have my Oppo 95(balanced 2ch output setup) sitting on 4 Tenderfeet,I thought I'd try Iso-Cups to see if there is any increase in micro level detail response,I'm thinking there will be(This is not to say I'm not completely satisfied w/ the Tenderfoot set-up. They'll go under my external CD/DVD burner)
Name: Sean
Message: Tube Dampers/ISO cups/Feet/SuperSonic Stabilizer/Domes/ etc, etc. Great products, repeat customer, many..many times. Keep up the great work for us Audiophile compulsives

Name: Jose L Catalan
Message: Glad to come back to herbie's place. Good products and fassst service!
Name: Don jr
Message: My first order and I can't wait. Finally completing my system that I will keep for a very very long time
Name: Roger C
Message: Tube dampers are a great improvement. Highly recommended.
Name: Snotty
Message: Looked all over the web until I found your site to give me what I needed . . Thx
Name: Bill J.
Message: Thanks again for the great service and advice!
Name: Steven Roberts
Message: FAST...FAST Shipping !!!
Name: nanami
Message: Good vibration! I'm herbie's fan!
Name: Dave L.
Message: Great products. Great service.
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