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Name: Ed Viladevall
Message: Hi Herbie,

Received my SS-9 12AX7 dampers yesterday. I promptly installed them on my Golden Dragons in my CAL Alpha DAC expecting an incremental improvement-boy was I wrong ! The change is nothing short of stunning. My jaw dropped. I have never heard such detail (in this system at least) and air, such precise location, the bass tightened up dramatically. I have a small room with Martin Logan Source speakers, but the depth and width of the sound stage are amazing. On several recordings I can literally "hear" the space between a capella voices, or the individual instruments in a string pizzicato. These little things are nothing short of a revelation. THANK YOU !!
Name: Mark Ostrov
Message: Hi Steve,
I would like to say that I have enjoyed being a customer for some years now.
I use your products under my turntable and power supply, My 170 lb. Tyler D1 speakers, my tubed Tuner, Pre-amp and amp. They continue to beat anything stock for these items.
Your service has been helpful and prompt as well.
Best Regards,
Mark Ostrov
Name: Charles McGraw
Message: Hi Herbie,

A friend purchased your record mat for his Linn LP 12, and it truly makes all his lps sound much better. TWO BIG THUMBS UP!!

I will be ordering your Super Black Hole CD Mat.


Charles McGraw
Name: PG
Message: Really hope for some improvement with the tube dampers!
Best regards PG from Sweden
Name: John Caggiano
Message: Steve, thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to call and help with my order. I appreciate it.

Have a wonderful Holiday.

Name: Ron G
Message: Tenderfeet is a great product. In addition to the sonic advantages, I use them to create better airflow around my components.
Name: Bjorn Augustin
Message: Have used several of the Herbie isolation products on my mainly analog system and it does wonders at a price that should make other suppliers in this field blush from overcharging. specially the turntable isolation cups and balls add a lot of definition in all parts of especially already good records. I have now ordered my second shipment of products to isolate speakers and an Isotek equipment.
Name: Alberto Americano
Message: My friend, Hernani Braga, is your fan and made me buy the grungebuster mat. Look forward to testing it on my system. He made me buy the Rega P9 too, and I'm very happy so far...
Best regards!
Name: Albert Von Schweikert
Message: hello Herbie, I am the Chief Design Engineer at Von Schweikert Audio, we build ultra high end speakers. I just bought a KronZilla amplifier and will use your tube dampers at the upcoming CES. See you there!
Name: Cor Dekker
Message: Wow, these springs are really amazing.

I put them on the huge KR Audio Kronzilla T1610 tubes.
Boy, they are amazing even without, but with the Herbie Springs they sound like real for sure. You will never believe how these springs (sorry for the word) can improve the soundquality of the tube. The most interesting part was to locate the best position were to place the spring. Lots of differences are to be heard in the music since the T 1610 have a lot of space. Once again, you will never believe until you try.
Have fun, Cor Dekker, Musical Reality, Distributor for KR Audio Electronics, The Netherlands

Webmaster's comment: The "springs" referred to are UltraSonic Rx-100 Damping Instruments.
Name: Dan Shore
Message: Steve...Thanks again for your products. Going to give the RX a try ( along with some IC dampers, and of course the newer Black Hole
Name: Professor Ali Rattansi
Message: I am ordering another Super Black Hole CD mat for my second system. The improvement in performance is striking: better imaging, more natural analogue type warmth, more accurate timbre for vocals and instruments. Great product, thanks!
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