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Name: peter duncanson
Message: I am a big fan of mapleshade products. i have been using their stuff for years but when i used their footers on my Snell Type Ds the sound was shrill and unlistenable! after much research i decided to try your ebony domes with the Db neutralizer as footers for these floor standing speakers. Wow! gentle soft and detailed sound! i also replaced my mapleshade brass tube anchors with your Rx's - the sound is almost equal without the hours of adjustment needed. i found the mapleshade to be just be more tight but the difference is negligible - almost undetectable. i use the RX on all my tubes except on my tube phono stage (the heavy brass on the phono is still killer). i can turn my volume control up and still get clean un distorted sound from my VTL ST-85 with your Rx. I no longer need to add more power! sorry to plug mapleshade but i have found that a few extra bucks between herbie's and mapleshade is the best way to make the sound perfect.
Name: David
Message: Hi...I've heard good things about your products. Look forward to positive results as well.
Thanks "
Name: This is like peanuts...
Message: Got the stuff, thanks, and had a chance to fit it up last evening. Tube dampers are great(much better than the weird deals with springs and brass nodulesI used to have that were recommended by Stereophile - they were not only impossible to put on the tubes, but about a jillion times
more expensive). Footers are amazing, but I didn't buy enough!

Name: jj boogaard
Message: hi
Name: Darren
Message: Herbie 4 Prez!
Name: Rick Coberly
Message: Herbie, Great products! The variety of tone variations using different tube dampers in combo guitar and bass amps is endless. The dampers add a stability and consistency to the amp's sound under a variety of operating conditions and allows you to acurately asess component upgrades and different tubes with ease. Thank you, sir!
Name: barry thompson
Message: hi steve , looking forward to trying your products , 4 stereos in home so if i notice benefits i will need more ! -barry
Name: mmm
Message: mmm
Name: Michael Allen
Message: I have your teflon halos on 19 different tubes at home. I'm anxious to hear these newer generation rings on my kt88s in Rogue M150 monos. The 12x/u7s will have teflon halos still. My pre is a BAT VK3i w teflon halos on 4 6922s and 2 6v6s. Second system has all teflon on a jolida 302a.
Name: Andy
Message: Thanks Steve
Name: Igor E
Message: Great cone/spike decoupling gliders. Immediate results. If only I could count to 12 and order them all from the beginning :)
Name: Boris
Message: I'm repeated buyer of your excellent products since quite few years already. I can not resist to add more of them to my audio system.

Kind regards.
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