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Name: Bret Dixon
Message: Hello Steve,
Just wanted to tell you I'm still using your tube dampers on my P3 preamp. Always a smile when using your products. Many thanks,

Name: Jose Martins
Message: Hi!

After trying some Ultrasonic RX tube dampers and a set of Spike Decoupling Gliders with positive results, I`ve decided to isolate my two audio systems with Herbie`s products.
After asking the opinion of Herbie, I`m now wayting for the isolation feet and mats he quickly and kindly advise me to arrive then I`ll give you my feedback about the results.
Thank you.

Jose Martins
Name: John E. Klintz
Message: I'm looking forward to trying your tube dampers in my modest system. They are the most reasonably prices ones that I've found, and if they work as your clients claim that they do, I'll definitely be back!
Name: Zeljko Grubisic
Message: Hi,
I have the SID,Marigo and Millenium,but the Super Black Hole is an exceptional.I'll try some of your other products, like tube dampers etc. I'm sure that I'll be happy with them,too.
My compliments for the nice product, Zeljko Grubisic,Croatia
Name: Gordan
Message: My friend got one of your Super Mats and is delighted so I ordered one for me. So far I use one from Marigo labs, but it seems yours is better.
I will inform you about my impressions when mat arrives.
Best Regards,

Gordan Dzamonja, Croatia
Name: Serafim
Message: I was surprised again. Well, maybe I shouldn't say suprised when this is becoming an habit. Every new adventure with your products brings my system to a new level. The Isocups under the preamp perform very well, exposing more detail and, most of all, adding a sense of musicality that surpasses the Nordost Kones. And given the price (a few times cheaper) they are unbeatable. Soon I'll spread more under my other gear. The stabilizers add something too (a tighter bass is the most noticeable) that is also valuale.
Name: Michael Foy
Message: Steve,

Have safe and happy holiday season
Name: John McCallum
Message: Thanks for putting up your site, it was great to find the type of serious cone plates I'd have had to "wish up" for myself!
Name: Dennis
Message: Going to give your tweaks a try. I'll compare your tt mat to the Boston Audio Mat-2(5mm) I just received. Will follow your suggestions on other gear.
Name: Hi!
Name: Dave Herron
Message: Thanks for offering a record clamp that doesn't weigh too much, or is so tall it impairs arm movement like so many other companies. It's good to see a vendor who really thinks about USING their product.
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