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Name: Steve (max190)
Message: Steve, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Many thanks for making products that do what you say they do and more... at a price I can afford.
Name: Pedro
Message: Looking forward to trying the record mat. Cheers from Australia.
Name: Adam G
Message: Hi!
Name: Steve
Message: Happy Holidays
Name: William
Message: Hi
I have just paid for one of your Super Black Hole mats based on good reviews.I hope I will receive it safely through the cheaper USPS shipping option.I look forward to trying it out.
Name: LE COZ
Message: hi!
Name: Rod Chassot
Message: All of the Herbie's products I have tried perform as advertised [nice to see hyperbole-free claims] and have improved my system's overall sound [you know; the usual: clarity, tightened bass, less harsh top end; blah, blah, blah. basically, facilitates a more musical and less artificial hi-fi sound. get some and see for yourself.
Name: Doug Whitesell
Message: Looking forwared to the speaker glides. Heard really good reviews of them. Need to protect those hardwood floors!
Name: Doug Brasier
Message: Tenderfeet (firm) X 3 for the Well Tempered Motor feet !
Name: Randy Byar
Message: Previous customer. Purchased new & bigger tubes needed new & bigger dampers. Thanks for a great product.

Message: HI
Name: Bob Berryman
Message: Hi there,hope you have a nice xmas and new year.
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