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Name: Warren M in Sydney Australia
Message: There is a lot of snake oil passing for hi-fi out there. You need to convince yourself that the latest expensive tweak has actually made anything sound better (or even different). I expected no more from Herbies. Instead, I have a gradually built up a raft of inexpensive Herbies enhancements to my system, which each made instantly audible improvements to my music. I Started with the Herbies Way Excellent II Turntable Mat, which is now an essential part of my record playing system. I tried various cheap (and nasty) Chinese tube dampers, which did more harm than good to the music. Steve finally convinced me to try the Herbies dampers and WOW! Staggering improvement. I now have a Herbies damper on every tube in my phono preamp and in my power amp. Sadly I can't fit them over the tubes inside my preamp. Recently I discovered Grunge Buster sheets. These marvels allow you to cut your own Grunge Busters to enhance your existing feet on all your components. Thanks Steve
Name: Niels
Message: I'm very impressed with the Baby Booties installed underneath my Project Tube Box DS phonostage. Greatest benifit is (somewhat surprising) the midrange which seems more relaxed and cohesive but the deep end is better too with a firmer and easier to follow bass lines. Clearly the most convincing isolation feet I've ever tried.
Name: Rusty
Message: What do you recommend as damping ring for my tonearm?
1 at base and 1 1/3 up from cartridge? What kind is. Est. metal one or the plastic one. ? (Damping ring).

Webmaster's reply: Best placement of a damping instrument on the tonearm is best determined by trial and audition (you must re-adjust stylus pressure with each change of position on the tonearm). By default, about 1/3 of the length of the tonearm away from the headshell is a good place to start and most often an excellent location. Titanium and PTFE dampers are equivalently excellent. Titanium has the advantage of lighter weight, whereas PTFE has the advantage of flexibility to allow lateral placement without needing to removing the headshell.
Name: Mike B.
Message: Steve: Yesterday, I installed the UltraSonic SS-7s to 'dampen' two CV4058 Mullard tubes in my C-J PV15. I honestly did not know what to expect, being inherently skeptical about 'tweaks' and the hype that precedes them. C-J had provided me with tube rings, silicone I believe, when I did their C1 upgrade to the PV15. I employed two of them per tube. But right from the initial note, I could hear change that was quite astonishing, and that on tubes near the end of their life. The improvements are in sound stage, detail, clarity and overall presence, most surprisingly to me was the bass deepened, like by a lot.

I use Ohm Walsh 3 speakers with their latest S3.300 drivers; what came our of them never sounded better. The music I heard sounded really life-like from a system that I have come to expect to sound life-like. Everything just became a bit more engaging and fun to listen to. Really, I can't believe I got all of that for less than $40!

So thank you, Steve. Now I need to dig around the rest of your product catalog.
Name: Martin D.
Message: Thank you mucho for the assistance I received over the phone and your fast response to filling my order. Kudos to Herbie's Audio Lab for such excellent customer service!

Name: Pat M.
Message: Hi Steve,

My entire system is outfitted with Tenderfeet and Iso-Cups under all my components.

4 Brass Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders arrived today and went under the rack, they're beautiful!

The sound is dead quiet and musically involving in all parameters.

Thanks so much for your time and great service.


Name: Rob Burns
Message: I am probably the most skeptical person on this, and possibly any other planet. However, my new EL84 power tube was getting beaten to death in my Epiphone Valve Junior, and the tube rattle was unacceptable. Not sure what else to do, I decided to take a chance on the Guitar Amp UltraSonic 9. What could I lose with the satisfaction guarantee? After a week of use, I am amazed thus far with the results. I no longer detect any tube rattle, and between the new JJ's power tube and the UltraSonic 9, the amp sounds much cleaner and more articulate. Very pleased.
Name: Adam Moon
Message: Tenderfeet are an amazing product. Instantly my soundstage cleared up and there was better definition in all aspects. What I thought was a quiet system setup got even quieter with the addition of FAT dots to the speakers. You gave me back the enjoyment of my records again!
Name: Walter O.
Message: Steve, thank you. I have a McIntosh MDA-1000 DAC and removed the original feet and put the "Big Tall Tenderfoot" (from a previous order) under it. The difference is quite remarkable and unmistakable. There is a clarity and detail in the system now that I hadn't imagined. So I'm very impressed.
Name: Winston Smith
Message: Hi Steve-

I have some Spectron Musician III Ref 2 amplifiers that weigh 50 lbs each. Right now, I am fighting some upper midrange/lower treble aggression and congestion, which leads to a mild-to-moderate harshness and sibilance in this range, depending on the recording.

I am looking for footers to replace the stock footers and was wondering what you would suggest to use to address the harshness/sibilance, or simply to avoid adding to that problem, while clearing up the sound and providing improved clarity, detail, musicality and three dimensionality?



Webmaster's reply: Four Extra-Firm Tenderfoot isolation feet under each monoblock will isolate the amps superbly, bringing out more of their true inherent potential. Tenderfoot isolation feet have potential to improve or remedy each of the problems you've been fighting with.

Your audio system and all sonic qualities are not controlled solely by the amplifier, but is the sum total of all its parts, the vibrational environment, acoustic factors, and source electricity working together in synchrony. Addressing the amplifiers alone may or may not remedy the problems you've mentioned. You might need to isolate/decouple the speakers, isolate source components and preamp. Perhaps a mis-matched cable or interconnect is a culprit. Start with four Tenderfoot isolation feet under each amp, adjust the positioning and orientation of the footers for optimal result, and go from there. Might just be all you need to achieve a satisfactory level of listening pleasure.
Name: Eduardo Viladevall
Message: I received my Super Black Hole CD Mat yesterday, and I approached the evaluation basically the same way I approached the evaluation of SS-9 12AX7 dampers - expecting an incremental but not overwhelming improvement. I was wrong AGAIN ! This little donut is magic.On my CAL Delta transport it works miracles. I wont go into detail, but there is a stunning "naturalness" that was not ther ebefore. Each instrument has a life of its own now and have that live, you are there immediacy and detail. Halfway through my first test CD, I just went into right brain mode and fell into the music. No need to ask myself if it was better or just different. My music is so much more tuneful, melodic, whatever you want to use to describe it. I have spent maybe $60 on these products and EASILY gotten hundreds wort h of improvememnt. It;'s like getting new components every time. Miracles do happen and they cost about $30 each !!
Name: Angela
Message: Hello.
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