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Name: Rick Hill
Message: Thank you for your advise today. will try iso cups with blk. lamp balls under tube amp. Rick
Name: Dennis
Message: Looking forward to see how the Preamp UltraSonics work on my Rhea.
Name: COUSIN Michel
Message: Happy new year 2011!
Name: William Christensen
Message: I just received my order–shipped in record time–and am starting to evaluate your products in my listening environment. I must say the the "Way Excellent Mat" has been eye (ear) opening; offering a substantial upgrade over my Rega P25's felt mat. In fact I can't believe the difference it has made. More to come as I continue to evaluate. Bravo to you for offering "tweek" products that work and represent both a qualitative and quantitative value. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.
Name: frank giuliani
Message: I have ordered from you several times and have always enjoyed great service. First class products from a first class business!
Name: Robert DeSio
Message: Here's some feedback on the 12 tenderfeet I purchased. When I first installed them, they sounded horrible. Being the old audio geezer I am (54), I allowed some break in time to get the juices flowing. Boy, are the juices flowing now! These things have opened up to a remarkable degree. There is a musical rightness now to the music that wasn't there before. Thanks for a remarkable product at a real world price.
Name: John Klintz
Message: Thank you very much for the holiday greeting; I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! I was quite impressed by the improvement in my little inexpensive integrated amp after installing the "Mid-Fi" dampers. I've ordered these for my nice Vincent SV-236MK. I will let you all know the outcome.
JK (The Soundsmith)
Name: Jason Yeo
Message: Hi , good reviews on yor tube dampers . Hopefully I can get it soonest to try it on my system :)
Name: Robert DeSio
Message: Just ordered 12 tenderfeet.
Name: Valentin
Message: just Hi!
Name: Henri
Name: Michael
Message: Merry Christmas Steve to you and everyone else.

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