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Name: victor azzopardi
Message: all the accessories I have bought from you have made a big difference to my audio's sound I am now able to listen and enjoy my music for longer. thanks victor
Name: victor azzopardi
Message: Hello Sir greetings to you and your family and may you all be blessed with a love filled new year

Regards Victor Azzopardi
Name: LV
Message: I am loving Herbies Tonearm dampers for my SME 3009 and 3012 arms!
Name: David Kellogg
Message: Hello Steve:

Who has customer service on Sunday? YOU! and courteous, too.

Thank you very much for your kind and virtually immediate e-ply to my questions.

When I've had time to integrate the tweaks into my system, I will post some feedback,

with Best Wishes,

David Kellogg
Name: Giuseppe
Message: Ciao!!
Name: Bill Goldwyn
Message: I thank you for spending all that time with me on the phone while I explained what my problems were and asked how to solve them. I am grateful to you and to manufacturer's like you in the Hi-Fi business who are so dedicated to their cause and their customers. The speaker vibration problem will have to wait a month, but for now I am addressing the turntable isolation problems. Replacing the stock suspension on the TT with the isocups and balls is working out very, very well. Thanks again.

Name: Mike
Message: I'll let you know what I think of your product after a couple weeks of review. If all goes well, I may try some of your other products.
Best Regards,
Name: John Ashdown
Message: I like the way you do business. I look forward to trying out your products. If they do work as you say they will be the most cost effective upgrade I've ever made.
Name: Dale Boyer
Message: You make some great products. Your attention to detail and customer follow-up are superb. All the best to you in the future. Dale
Name: Picu
Message: Execellent page.
Name: Jeffery
Message: Hi, I ready to begin with the tweeks outside of my own, this is gonna be fun!!
Name: Mario Gralheira
Message: Hi!
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