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Name: Tom Erik
Message: Hi
I have just ordered 12 UltraSonic Rx-9 Damping Rings for my two Graaf GM20 monoblocks. Looking forward to receive this famous dampers!
Name: Raymond Eye
Message: Hello to all. I've been many long hours deciding on how to best isolate my equipment for a minimum investment. Herbies seems the obvious choice. $250 wouldn't buy me enough HRS Nimbus feet to do a single component! I think I've pretty well got the whole system covered for less than that here. I'm real excited to put the products in the system and I'll be sure to write back and let you know how it goes...
Name: P
Message: Tried a full size Black CD Matt on a rotary 5 disc player and was BLOWN AWAY! More nuances and much, much cleaner sound. Before I buy 4 more, I'm trying out a "Super Matt". My OPPO 83 has too tight a drawer however. Tried a stick-on mini matt and no improvement. So if you have a tight vibration free transport (like the OPPO), don't bother. But a "loose" one or a multi disk turntable type, TRY IT OUT! With this matt and Vibrapods, my rotary Sony SACD player is close in sound to the OPPO (but not quite as good).

Webmaster's comment: You would most likely get further improvement with the Sony if you replace the Vibrapods with Tenderfeet. Also, be sure to try the Super Black Hole on your Oppo; you might be surprised!
Name: Kory
Message: Hello... thanks for the products
Name: Larry Verigin
Message: Howdy!
Name: Paul letteri
Message: I have been buying products from Herbies since he started
and they keep on getting better Good stuff.
Name: K C Fung
Message: Hi
Name: Sergiy
Message: Hi
Name: Ike
Message: The Big Dots are awesome! I am giving them to my uncle to try on his Dahlquist dp-10. I just ordered a set of Giant Fat Gliders for my Lowthers speakers
Name: Annibale Catania
Name: Nuno Sousa
Message: Hi...Keep the good work!
Name: George Louis
Message: Dear Steve,

I received your Super Black Hole CD Mat today. I'm quite happy with it and the more I listen the more I like it. I find that the timbre is improved, the focus, the density of the image, the clarity, there's less congestion, improved bass, improved highs, better dynamics macro and micro dynamics, with a quieter background. It's somewhat like the best electrical day. I feel the improvement is worth a lot more than the $32.50 + $5 = $37.50 for USPS Priority Mail that you charge. If you have an even better version, I'd love to audition it with the possibility of buying one.

I'll copy this email to my music-loving audiophile friends.

Best regards,

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