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Name: Charles Wilson
Message: Hi, After reading so much about the hal-o tube damper I just had to order two. I cant wait to receive them as I know they will add improvement to the sound of the tubes in my tube buffer.
Thank you!
Name: douglas roach
Message: Your isolation products are fantastic Steve! I could not settle for just the Tenderfeet!
Name: Fernando Martins
Message: Hi !
Name: jack
Message: your tube clamp[dampeners] proved a noticable change. feel free to inform me on new products
Name: anatoli
Message: Hi guys,I hope I'll have a grate time with U products.Thanks.
Name: Jack Daly
Message: Hate my existing mat. Comes off the table with the record half of the time.
Name: Greg Hammond
Message: Taking the plunge today on the Rx dampers for my Decware Taboo. I have enjoyed the effects of the Tenderfeet on my components and am looking forward to hearing the Rx. Or not hearing them, as the case may be!
Name: dennisgreenidge
Message: hi
Name: Keith O.
Message: When I first installed the Ultrasonic Rx dampers on my tube buffer, I was literally floored. The effects are not subtle. There has been a dramatic increase in resolution, transparency and sound stage. The bass is really tight and the cymbals shimmer. The Ultrasonic RX dampers have been able to bring out the best in my tubes. It's amazing how these little dampers could provide such a profound audio effect. Highly recommended.
Name: Michael
Message: hi,
I order Tube Dampers UltraSonic for guitar amp with KT66 (Four) and UltraSonic for ECC83 (Four) and i hope that is very great because they are expensive
waite and see soon
Name: John Butler
Message: I just ordered a Jolida JD 9A tube phono preamp. Reviews indicated that your Ha-Lo's improve the sound significantly, so I want to have a pair of them on hand when it arrives. I'll write again when I see how they do.
Name: Tim McDaniel
Message: Hello Herbie's!

I've ordered your tube dampers in the past to use with an Audible Illusions preamp. Well, that pre was sold and I tried a couple of others along the way and I've come back to to an Audible Illusions! In my experience your tube dampers raise performance to a new level, so time for another set! Thanks for such a great product at a sane price! Maybe I shoudl investigate your platter mats....!?
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