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Name: Michael S. Horgan
Message: This is about my 4th order as I constantly upgrading adding to my system. I enjoy the quality and response of Herbies Audio Lab. Their products, service and packaging are beyond reproach.
Michael Horgan
Name: Tim barrall
Message: I love Herbie's Record mats so much I just ordered one for my friends new table, a Project RPM 1.3. it will make it sound so much better.
Name: vernon gibson
Message: just got the super black hole... put it on the disk,sat back and what a difference especially in the treble... smooth but more sparkle they also helped the bass speak with a cleaner voice... thanks, vern
Name: Paul Lederberg
Message: Going with your suggestion Steve for the Way excellent mat 3MM width 295 MM size mat for my Thorens TD 160.
Message: I am back again. I have been enjoying my systems for years with PEEK HAL-O. Now it's time for upgrade. I had been using 2 pairs of HAL-O on my 12-tube pre-amp. Now I want to put on the UltraSonic RX-9 on the rest of the other 8 tubes. If RX-9 would proved to be a spectacular upgrade. I might even consider replacing the pair of HAL-O on the 12AX7A tubes in my D/A Convertor.
Name: Glenn Kistner
Message: Hi!
Name: Damir
Message: best wishes from Croatia
Name: Daina Wilburn
Message: Hey Steve,

Hope you're well!

Thanks again, for all your great products.

Name: Tony Mitchelhill
Message: Looking forward to my new turntable mat
Name: Alberto P., Miami
Message: Hi Steve today I received your product and they are really amazing I have tried audioprism iso bearing, some from lovan ,vibrapod but your are the best, quietness and smoothness everywhere very round sound with no harm to the frequencies you should look for words that describe them better than what is already written. I'm very glad.

Best regards
Name: Eirik Bjørklid
Message: Hi - Looking forward to see (/listen to) what these new upgrades can do. Great shopping experience, considering the high anticipation : price ratio.
Name: Andrew
Message: Thanks!
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