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Name: Richard Poussaint
Message: I have used your products a couple of years now, and they work very well.-Thanks
Name: Funkynixon
Message: Nice footers, great price. Thanks
Name: Albert
Message: The tenderfoot under my cd player really make the sound more natural sounding and clean up the bass and smooth out the rough edges in the treble.
Name: Nenad
Message: Hi!
I did not heard your product so far,but according to Croatian audio-video magazine Hi-Fi Media,it is very good product-I will write my opinion to you
Name: Richard L.
Message: Herbie's awesome! Great help and fast service! And the products are well worth the money! Thanks!
Name: Adam Bailis
Message: I am very impressed with the first set of dampers and feet. Besides the reduction in ringing during loud passages, the most obvious changes are significantly improved imaging (less fuzziness) and clearer rhythms (starting and stopping of notes clearer). Because they do not change tonal balance these are not things that reach out and grab you, but they become very noticeable once you become aware of them. Very, very cool!
Take care,
Name: Paul Letteri
Message: Steve I Now have a full range of your products in my system and it is very well balanced now and even loud music
does not effect the imaging or focus ,Very well done
also the cd mat is one tweak that refines most cds used with it !!
Name: sam fotias
Message: looking forward to using your product!
Name: Erik Miner
Message: Thanks Steve!
Name: H
Message: Hi.
Message: Hi
Name: Peter Samuels
Message: You have a nice website. I look forward to trying the Ultrasonic Rx 9 on the 6922 input tubes of my power amp. The amp uses solid state devices for output.
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