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Name: Damir,Rovinj,Croatia
Message: Hi,Steve
Here I am again buying your excellent products that really
changed sound of my sistem.
Keep a good work
Name: Jeff Ronan
Message: I am trying a couple of items recommended by Dave Shulte of the Upgrade Company. He has yet to steer me wrong on any of his recommendations and every suggestion I have tried has been rewarded with audible results so I expect the item I ordered to continue that legacy. Thanks for the reasonable prices.
Name: John Falk
Message: Rx Dampers were so impressive could not wait to get 2 more. THX
Name: Rickey Cameron
Message: Guitar Amp UltraSonics really worked on my 94 Fender Super Amp.
I have them on my super amp that gigs weekly.
Eliminated the glassy tube rattle and been doing for a year now.
I am back again to try them on my Twin Reverb
Name: Anthony landry
Message: Hi, every product I have purchased have been true to the music. Thanks Mr. Herbelin.
Name: Raymond Eye
Message: Herbie,
As always; a pleasure doing business with you.
Name: Randy Byar
Message: Great products. Great service. I'm a returning customer.

Name: Mark
Message: I'm new to your products. With a 90 day return poloicy I thought I'd try them out.
Name: Chris
Message: I received your way excellent mat today and must say it is living up to its name. Thanks,

Name: Tim
Message: Thanks for your assistance. This turntable has been in a box for over 18 years and looking forward to hearing again after some items have been replaced which includes a warped mat. Thanks agaian.
Name: john falk
Message: Thank you Steve! Thats all I can afford for this month. I'll get the rest next month. I so appreciate your recommendations and products. Best, J
Name: John Kargacos
Message: The quest for perfect tonal harmony is not for the faint of heart grasshopper...
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