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Comments for: Turntable Mats

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Name: gary
Message: which mat would work with technics SL-DL1? thanks

Webmaster's reply: Whichever Way Excellent II version is closest in diameter and thickness to the stock mat would be most appropriate.
Name: Alex
Message: Hello, I was wondering which way excellent mat you would recommend for a Sony PS 2250 direct drive tt. Thanks in advance.

Webmaster's reply: We do not make a Way Excellent II mat with a large enough center hole for the PS-2250. Some of our PS-2250 and PS-250 customers use a Herbie's Donut on top of the stock mat with excellent results.
Name: Jim
Message: HI, Can you please tell me which mat you recommend for the Music Hall MMF &? Thanks...

Webmaster's reply: Full-size Way Excellent II-2mm Turntable Mat.
Name: Craig Artadi
Message: Hello,
I am considering one of your mats for my Sony PS-X55 turntable in excellent condition. I was thinking the Way Excellent II-4mm: at 290mm. Can you confirm?
Also I assume the rubber mat just gets replace with the Way Excellent mat.

Best regards,

Webmaster's reply: Sure, that'll work fine to replace the stock rubber mat.
Name: Alvaro
Message: Which mat would you recommend for a Rega RP3 looking to upgrade from the felt mat

Webmaster's reply: Full-size (295mm-diameter) Way Excellent II-2mm Turntable Mat, standard center hole.
Name: Jimmy
Message: Greetings. Which mat works best for my audio technica lp120?

Webmaster's reply: A 285mm-diameter Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat is perfect for the LP-120.
Name: Bryant Hill
Message: Hi,

I am using a Way Excelllent II 3mm mat (thanks for the recommendation.....it is WAY EXCELLENT). I want to add a VPI HR-X record weight to my setup (765 grams/27 ounces). Is this too much weight for this mat?



Webmaster's reply: Not at all; you can use the weight with the Way Excellent II-3mm Mat.
Name: Niels
Message: I'm using my Way Exellent II on a modded SL 1210 and the improvement is just huge (compared to rubber mat/Origin Live sandwich). I must say I was a little bit sceptical concerning the many reports about "lowered noise level", but it's there! Also used on my Technics this Herbie mat adds a more relaxed and organic midrange presentation and a firmer bass. All in all I would say the improvements added by the Way Exellent II is akin to what would be expected by adding, say a better PSU to a phonostage. 100% satisfied.
Name: Bryant
Message: Hi.....I read all the comments to try to avoid a repetitive question but did not see this one.....what do you recommend for a VPI Nomad? Thanks in advance!!

Webmaster's reply: Full-size Way Excellent II-3mm Turntable Mat.
Name: Jim
Message: Hello, what mat do you recommend for a Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable?

A 285mm-diameter Way Excellent II-3mm Turntable Mat.
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