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Comments for: Turntable Mats

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Name: Flying Ed
Message: Hey guys.
I have 2 Rega decks, RP8 [MONO] and RP10 [STEREO], both new models and
both being made of different materials Glass/Ceramic.
I would like to buy 2 mats BUT am in need of direction as to which models would be recommended.
Thanks in advance.
Flying Ed.

Webmaster's reply: A full-size Way Excellent II-2mm Turntable Mat with standard center hole should do very well for both.
Name: Flavio
Message: Hi Herbie,
I've got another question for ya, i'm having a hard time setting my tonearm height, i have a Tech SL 1210 M5g with a KAB Condorde Ortofon, i use the stock dj felt and the 1/8 stock rubber mat that came with it, tonearm height is set just bellow 0 and it still doesn't seem right, would you think it'd be a good idea if ordered a 5mm or even a 6mm herbie mat? thanks again.

Webmaster's reply: A 4mm mat is usually perfect for SL1210, though VTA usually comes close to bottoming out; a 5mm or 6mm mat would do just as well, sonically.
Name: Gerald
Message: I own a beautiful AR turntable circa 1983 with original felt mat. Looks like you recommend the Way Excellent II-2 mm x 295 mm diameter, correct?

Webmaster's reply: Correct.
Name: david
Message: hi
are your mats available in the uk?



Webmaster's reply: We send products to our customers in the UK all the time.
Name: John
Message: What mat should i use for a pioneer pl10? The cartridge is audio technica 440mla.

A full-size Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat, or whichever Way Excellent II version is closest in diameter and thickness to your stock mat.
Name: Flavio
Message: What would you recommend for a Technics SL 1210 M5G?
Thank you.

Webmaster's reply: 285mm-diameter Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat, standard center hole.
Name: Chris
Message: What mat would you recommend for a Yamaha YP-211?

Webmaster's reply: 285mm-diameter Way Excellent II-4.5mm Turntable Mat
Name: Steve
Message: Recommendation for Music Hall MMF 5.1 please. Thanks.

Webmaster's reply: Full-size Way Excellent II-2mm Turntable Mat.
Name: TL Tate
Message: Hello, Thickness and size for Denon DP-45f? Also, std rubber mat sets into holes in platter for some specific reason. Will any functions be effected using your mat only?
Thank you!

Webmaster's reply: For the Denon DP-45F, a full-size (295mm-diameter) Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat will bring out a better potential of the turntable and audibly better sonic result compared to the stock rubber mat, without affecting or compromising any function of the turntable when playing lps (the mat will cover the sensor holes the same as an lp does). For records other than lps, however, like 45s or 78s, that are smaller in diameter than lps, the automatic mode will not work (that's what the holes are for), though you can simply play these records in manual mode.
Name: Miguel
Message: Hi ... which mat can be adequated for a technics sl-q2?

Webmaster's reply: A 285mm-diameter Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat.
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