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Comments for: Turntable Mats

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Name: jia
Message: Hi, my table is Audiotechnica At-lp1240usb, could you please advice a suitable mat,


Webmaster's reply: A 285mm-diameter Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat.
Name: e.t.
Message: Hi Herbie,
Which mat do you recommend for a Denon DP-60L? Will it still work with my SOTA clamp? Thanks.

Webmaster's reply: Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat; yes will work with Sota clamp.
Name: Jeff
Message: I have an audio Technica LP 120 DD turntable which mat is the most suitable for the deck?
Thanks in advance

Webmaster's reply: A 285mm-diameter Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat with standard spindle hole.
Name: Henrik
Message: Hi there - how quick is the shipping method of "Turntable Mat - Priority Mail - $39.95" to the UK and is this the recommended shipping method if I will be purchasing the Way Excellent II-4mm mat?

Many thanks

Webmaster's reply: Priority Mail shipping times to UK vary somewhat, usually about two weeks. This method is recommended; or USPS Med. Pkg at a lower cost and 2-3 weeks shipping time, or Express Mail Int'l Box which is more expensive but faster at about 7-10 days.
Name: Lester
Message: Greetings from Adelaide, South Australia.
I want to know the optimum way excellent mat for a Wilson Benesch Full Circle.
Please advise so i can buy one!

Webmaster's reply: A full-size Way Excellent II-2mm Turntable Mat, standard center hole.
Name: Kevin
Message: Hello, I have a Music Hall MMF 7.1 and am using you 2mm Way Excellent mat. It's working great! Would their be any upgrade to using one of your stabilizers vs the record clamp that came with the table?

Webmaster's reply: Yes. Clamping to the spindle allows motor vibrations and platter resonances to transfer to the record surface, so generally a Stabilizer has an inherent advantage. However, comparative differences by trial and audition would likely be within the realm of personal preference and system variables. With a Way Excellent II mat, screw-on clamps like the MMF 7.1 usually work best screwed down just moderately, not too tightly.
Name: Bruce
Message: The guys at Command Performance in Falls Church, VA steered me your way. I just ordered a Way Excellent II - 4.5mm in 295mm diameter for my Pioneer PL-540 TT. Hope this was right. Stock mat was approx 11 5/8" -- 303mm in diameter. Looking forward to receiving your product.
Name: Alvin
Message: I have a Clearaudio Concept turntable. Which mat and size would you recommend?

Webmaster's reply: We have lots of customers using a Way Excellent II Turntable Mat with Clearaudio Concept players, most of them using a full-size (295mm-diameter) Way Excellent II-3mm Turntable Mat, which is recommended. To use a mat, you'll need to adjust VTA/tonearm height, which is very easy to do with the concept--you just loosen a little set screw at the tonearm base with an allen wrench, raise the tonearm so that the tonearm is parallel to an average-thickness record when in the playing position, then re-tighten the set screw. Being belt-driven, Concept players are sometimes susceptible to some rumble, which the 3mm mat addresses very effectively. You'll probably find that you don't really need to use a record weight or clamp anymore, also.
Name: Henrik
Message: Hi - for a Pioneer PLX-1000 (similar to the Technics SL-1200 would you recommend the Way Excellent II-4mm 285mm (11.22") diameter? If I'd like to put two on top of each other (since the PLX does not have very good VTA adjustment functionality and my cartridge, AT150MLX, is not very high) should I buy two of these or one of them and then another model? Many thanks!

Webmaster's reply: Standard recommendation for PLX-1000 is a 285mm-diameter Way Excellent II-3mm Turntable Mat. The PLX-1000 has easy VTA adjustment for a wide variety of cartridges. If you need a thicker mat though, you can purchase a 285mm-diameter Way Excellent II Turntable Mat in any thickness up to 7.2mm thick (or even thicker by special order). A thicker mat seems to make more sense than buying two mats to stack. Alternatively, you could place a Way Excellent II mat on top of the stock mat.
Name: Jim
Message: fast service, affordable upgrade that definitely made
an improvement to my Linn
thanks guys
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