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Name: Dr. Scholter Erwin
Review: I've now tested the Way Excellent II Mat/3mm/285mm on my Pioneer PLX 1000/Ortofon Concorde Gold and Musical Fidelity Phono- Preamp system using "SGT.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", Mike Batt's:
"The Hunting of the Snark" and some other records.
Before I had tried a lot of mat combinations. Well, there is definitely a difference! One mat could do better than all combinations.With your Excellent II Mat there was more clarity and definition.It seemed to me, that listening to the music became easier! That isn't esoteric garbage,it is reality-great!

Name: Brian Sullivan
Review: Received the turntable matt , it's awesome ! Really nice construction ! Noise floor lowered and static nonexistent! Highly recommend this matt for any audiophile !

Name: Bhupendra Jain, Qatar
Review: I recently ordered a Way Excellent II, 3mm mat for my Clearaudio Concept turntable. The TT sounds excellent even without the mat, so I was initially sceptical about trying the mat. However, the sonic quality improved astonishingly with the new mat. Huge improvement in instrument separation as well reduction in static from old vinyls too. In fact, the sound is now warmer and has eliminated any minor ear fatigue. Robert's advice was great....he asked me to try the 3mm mat instead of 2mm and was spot on. I had to increase the Tonearm height of course, which was relatively simple. Another inexpensive yet astoundingly good product from Herbie's Audio Lab!

Name: Michael King, Vancouver
Review: Before retiring I used to work at a hi-fi shop. We were all leery of tweeks that promised a substantial improvement to a system's sound quality. Remember putting CDs in the freezer? Yesterday I received and installed the Way Excellent II mat as a replacement for a stock Rega felt mat. My table is a P5 (GT Ref subplatter) with a Denon DL-103R. It was quickly and obviously apparent that the mat has made a substantial improvement to the table's performance. The mids and highs are clearer, the bass is tighter, the frequency range from low to high is more balanced, extended and detailed and the imaging is sharper and more 3D. I could not be happier with the product and will say that this is a no-brainer purchase for anyone with a Rega table. I must also say thanks to Robert for his efficient and friendly service.

Name: Nick P, Boston, MA
Review: I own a Technics SL1200 M3D which has been highly modified, but there was always something mising. Never did I think the answer was a new mat. I have tried out many mats over the years including all the usual suspects & every combination in between. I thought they all worked well, untill I tried out the Way Excellent Mat ll. It turned out to be the answer to what was missing.
Tighter bass, more defined mids, & a beautiful high end are the result.
I strongly suggest that if you haven't tried a Herbies mat, you should. You can't go wrong, especially with the 90 day money back guarantee.
Not to mention, Robert, or "Herbie" is extremely helpful & nice. He always responds to your questions in a very timely manner with very helpful information.
I just cannot express how thankful I am to have found this mat.

Name: David Price
Review: I received the Way Excellent II mat for my Technics SL 1200 yesterday. Comparing it with the felt mat by listening to the same source material I noticed a decrease in low frequency resonance which resulted in more punchy and accurate bass response, as well as elimination of a slight ringing/echo in the upper mid range which I always attributed to the platter. The mat is high quality and appears to be a very worthwhile investment for my turntable. I would recommend it for anyone looking for an upgrade over a felt or rubber mat. A great purchase experience.

Name: Bob P, San Francisco, CA
Review: I have a fully upgraded Linn LP12. Keel, Radikal, Exos 2, Kandid, etc. I bought a Way Excellent Original mat about 6 years ago and had mixed results. I eventually went back to the Linn Felt mat after a year. A few months ago, I wanted to try the WE Mat again but can't find it so I decided to try the Way Excellent II mat.

I tried 5 different records last night to evaluate it. This is a definite upgrade from the Linn felt mat. The magical Linn midrange is still there with male and female vocals, plus a little more presence. Midrange A+. The biggest surprise was more separation of instruments that I attribute to less smearing. They came out of the background and were more discernible. I had to A-B the mats several times to believe what I was now hearing. Detail A+. Of course that extra detail helped the highs become more clear. Clear without glare or being etched. Smooth and clear highs.

The bottom end bass was a toss up. On some records, the WE II was definitely more controlled but on others, I couldn't tell the difference. That might be attributed to the recording itself. Bass B.

Overall, the WE II mat is better than the original. It is also a definite upgrade from the Linn Felt Mat. My entire system is very revealing but tubed for warmth. There was no doubt after the first needle drop that this was an improvement. $60 is the cheapest upgrade/tweak I've ever done to my system that had this much positive effect.

LINN should evaluate this mat at their home office on their top of the line LP12. If they don't hear the improvement, they are in denial.

Happy listening!


Three changes to my review:

1. I bought the WE Original in 2004, so that was 14 years ago.

2. I have now listened to 20 different records for evaluation. My evaluation of the mids and highs stays the same.

2. After listening to over 20 records, the bottom end is definitely better on the WE II vs. Linn Felt. So, the third paragraph should be as below:

The bottom end bass control was a pleasant surprise. The WE II mat has better control of the bass and differentiates the bass notes better than the Linn Felt mat. I can hear different bass notes and that made me sit up in surprise. Bass A.

Name: Steven Williams, Sandy, OR
Review: I put Tenderfoots under the power amp and DAC/Preamp, Soft Fat Dots under the turntable point/feet, and I changed to the Way Excellent II mat from the stock felt mat. The intent of putting absorption under the power amp and DAC/Pre is the size of the cases with sound pressure will vibrate the rack without absorption.

The mat grips better than the felt mat and should keep LP's from vibrating while spinning.

Using vibration software for the iPhone I tapped on the rack shelf while measuring on the rack shelf then on the turn table mat mid play point. There was a significant reduction in vibration peaks -- about 1/10th. No doubt that it helped. Also measured with the same song and got a definite reduction (was playing a CD). Yes, a little subjective for the scientists out there.

My Rega RP8 has a isolated frame for the dust cover. It had to be brought up to level to clear the arm with the Dots under the table's feet. I used felt pads. Also, measured a reduction on this frame but only about one-half less vibration -- so felt pads aren't as good as the dots.

Where it counts -- listening. It does seem that it is clearer across the spectrum. That is harder to discern as it sounded very good to start with.

Name: Henry Babenko, Aston, PA
Review: Wow, excellent mat. it really makes a difference in sound. so glad I got this.

Name: Ken Jarrell, Lubbock, TX
Review: I purchased an AT LP120-USB but wasn't happy with the felt mat. At first, I was wishing I had held onto my TTs of the past or at least their rubber mats, after realizing how difficult it was to find them. But after testing out the Way Excellent II-4mm mat, it is so much better than the rubber mats of old. The fit and added weight and balance to the platter is perfect and eliminates the bit of platter noise.

Name: Jack P, So. California
Review: I was undecided between the Way Excellent II and the Music Hall cork mat to replace the Non-Felt on my MMF-5. If I couldn't hear any difference I knew I could easily return the mat to Herbie so I tried his first. Difference!? Whether classical, jazz, folk or even pop the music is completely transparent and natural sounding against a quiet background. Sonics aside, it's Way Cool Looking too! Buy it without hesitation!

Name: Ernie Adams, Georgia
Review: Got the mat today. First impressions: more detail, a clarity to voices that is quite good. Bass seems better, with my actually now being able to hear the bass guitars string vibration. Before it was just a nice tight deep note. Now the note is still deep and tight, but I hear the actual vibration of the string. I know I have a good table, so this has just allowed it to reach its full potential. (Way Excellent II-2mm Turntable Mat replacing a Music Hall cork mat.)

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