Way Excellent II Turntable Mat:

285mm-diameter Way Excellent II-3mm Turntable Mat w/ Garrard 401

"Outperforms virtually any other mat available."–Robert Stein, The Cable Company




Made with finely textured, open-cell silicone foam, this mat has unsurpassed vibration-absorbing characteristics and no resonant qualities to discolor the music. Records are thoroughly decoupled from unwanted platter vibration.

A black elastomer "donut" on top of the white foam base reduces vinyl/stylus feedback and eliminates lateral slippage. Unique qualities allow the vinyl to "give" slightly, microscopically, to stylus contact, allowing the record groove to be tracked smoothly and accurately. Completely non-tacky, records lift right off the mat, while the underlying foam sticks firmly to the platter (records can be lifted off while the platter is turning). Available in a variety of thicknesses and diameters to fit almost any turntable.

Since its introduction in December, 2002, Herbie's Way Excellent Turntable Mats have been tested against almost every kind of turntable mat. With suspended-platter turntables like Linn LP-12 and AR, delicate tables like Regas, and others, Herbie's Way Excellent Turntable Mats have consistently proven superior. Herbie's mats clearly outperform stock felt or rubber mats, aftermarket cork-and-paper mats, Sorbothane, Non-Felt mats, and Spotmats. Compared to high-end mats costing several times more, Herbie's Way Excellent Turntable Mat competes within a "margin of personal preference" with virtually any kind of turntable, with preference sometimes varying from one turntable to another.

Now featuring a unique carbon microfiber-filled black elastomer "donut" on the same white foam base, Way Excellent II delivers even faster dynamic response and more finely-textured detail.

If you've been using a felt, cork, lead, paper, or rubber mat, you're in for a pleasant surprise and genuine upgrade.

Way Excellent II-2mm:

Recommended upgrade for most turntables with thin felt mat. (For turntables without VTA adjustment, choose whichever mat is closest in thickness to your present mat.) Ideal for Linn, AR, Audio Note, Oracle, and other suspended-platter turntables. Great upgrade/replacement mat for Pro-Ject; Music Hall MMF–series; Rega Planar–series (except P9); Nottingham Horizon, Horizon SE, Spacedeck. Overall mat thickness: 2mm; weight: 60 grams (2.1 oz.).

Size options:


Way Excellent II-2.4mm:

Recommended for turntables with medium thickness felt mat. Popular choice for ceramic-platter Rega P7 (click for photo). Overall thickness: 2.4mm; weight: 65 grams (2.3 oz.).

Size options:


Way Excellent II-3mm:

Recommended for turntables with thick felt mat or thin rubber mat about 1/8" thick. Most popular upgrade choice for Thorens, Orbit, VPI Scout 1.1, and VPI Traveler (for Traveler II, choose 4.25" donut hole option from the Shopping Cart drop-down menu). Overall thickness: 3mm; weight: 70 grams (2.5 oz.).

Size options:


Way Excellent II-3.4mm:

Upgrade replacement for Oracle mats and for any turntable requiring a medium-thickness platter mat. Overall thickness: 3.35mm; weight: 82 grams (2.89 oz.).

Size options:


Way Excellent II-3.7mm:

For turntables with mat about 5/32" thick. Overall thickness: 3.7mm; weight: 99 grams (3.5 oz.).

Size options:


Way Excellent II-4mm:

For turntables with mat 4mm thick* and for VTA-adjustable turntables with semi-hollow cast platters prone to ringing. For belt-drive turntables, 4mm thickness provides sufficient isolation to effectively reduce or eliminate motor-induced 50Hz - 60Hz hum.

Popular choice for Empire, Technics, Garrard, Dual, Denon, Harman/Kardon, Kenwood, JVC, Lenco, Pioneer, and Well Tempered turntables. (For turntables without VTA/tonearm height adjustment, use whichever Way Excellent II is closest in thickness to your present mat.) Overall thickness: 4mm; weight: 108 grams (3.8 oz.)

Size options:


Way Excellent II-4.5mm:

With dual-layer foam base, for turntables with mat about 3/16" thick*
Overall thickness: 4.5mm; weight: 113 grams (4 oz.)

Size options:


Way Excellent II-5mm:

With dual-layer foam base, for turntables with mat 5mm thick*

Overall thickness: 5mm; weight: 120 grams (4.2 oz.)

Size options:


Way Excellent II-5.3mm:

With dual-layer foam base.

Overall thickness: 5.3mm; weight: 125 grams (4.4 oz.)

Size options:


Way Excellent II-5.56mm:

With dual-layer foam base, for turntables with mat 7/32" thick*

Overall thickness: 5.56mm; weight: 136 grams (4.8 oz.)

Size options:


Way Excellent II-6mm:

With extra thick dual-layer foam base, for turntables with mat just a little under 1/4" thick* Overall thickness: 6mm; weight: 153 grams (5.4 oz.).

Size options:


Way Excellent II-6.35mm:

With extra thick dual-layer foam base, for turntables with mat 1/4" thick*

Overall thickness: 6.35mm; weight: 160 grams (5.6 oz.).

Size options:

  • 295mm (11.6") diameter. Full-size mat for most turntables.
  • 285mm (11.22") diameter.
  • 280mm (11") diameter.

Way Excellent II-6.9mm:

With extra thick dual-layer foam base, for turntables with mat just over 1/4" thick* Overall thickness: 6.9mm; weight: 182 grams (6.4 oz.).

Size options:

  • 295mm (11.6") diameter. Full-size mat for most turntables.
  • 285mm (11.22") diameter.
  • 280mm (11") diameter.

Way Excellent II-7.2mm:

With extra thick dual-layer foam base, for turntables with mat about 9/32" thick* Overall thickness: 7.2mm; weight: 190 grams (6.7 oz.).

Size options:

  • 295mm (11.6") diameter. Full-size mat for most turntables.
  • 285mm (11.22") diameter.
  • 280mm (11") diameter.


*A note on thickness:

The open-cell silicone foam used with Way Excellent II Turntable Mats does not need to be as thick as hard rubber mats to effectively decouple from the platter and do a better job at it. Any thickness above 3.7mm or 4mm, which is more than sufficient to damp any resonance and ringing from a semi-hollow cast platter, simply adds thickness and height, with no real increase in performance. Usually, the only reason you would want a mat thicker than 3.7mm or 4mm is if you cannot adjust VTA/tonearm height to accommodate. (scroll up to return)

Custom center hole:

All Way Excellent Turntable Mats are available with custom center hole for only $1.50 extra, any size up to two inches diameter, or 4.25" (108mm) "donut" hole. If you would like a custom center hole, simply order whichever Way Excellent Turntable Mat you want, and specify in the "comments" section of the order form the desired center hole diameter, in either inches or millimeters.

Standard Way Excellent II spindle hole is 7.25mm (.2854") and accomodates all standard LP spindles (which vary only slightly, from .278" to .285"). Standard singles "45 RPM" adapter requirement is 1-1/2".

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inches millimeters 

grungebuster Turntable Mat:

grungebuster Turntable Mat

For "matless" acrylic-platter turntables and Rega P9.

SuperSonic Record Stabilizer:

SuperSonic Record Stabilizer

A molded and hand-machined non-magnetic composite of fluorocarbons and metallic particles formulated for use with Herbie's turntable mats to enhance overall turntable performance. Stabilizer is not a clamp or conventional record weight it's designed to add a moderate amount of virtual mass to the record without clamping. 163.5 grams (5.8 oz.)

Recommended for all turntables using a Way Excellent II Turntable Mat, including turntables with adjustable suspension (adjust suspension to optimize performance with Stabilizer).

Titanium Record Stabilizer:

Titanium Record Stabilizer


Ultra precision-machined in the U.S.A. from solid, pure titanium, Herbie's Titanium Record Stabilizer is heavy enough to flatten mildly warped records and virtually eliminate all record surface vibration, yet light enough to be used with Way Excellent II and any other kind of turntable mat and suspended-platter turntables. Titanium provides superior dynamics and is more sonically neutral than brass, aluminum and stainless steel alloys, hardwoods including ebony and Mpingo, and any other record weight material that we know of. Titanium Record Stabilizer can help attain the ultimate achievement in vinyl playback. Ideal for all direct-drive and belt-drive turntables. Appropriate for Stereophile "Class A" audio systems.


  • Weight: 0.87 lb. (393 grams)
  • Maximum Diameter: 3.1" (78.74mm)
  • Maximum Height: 1.045" (26.543mm)
  • Maximum Spindle Height: 1" (25.4mm)

Titanium Record Stabilizer

Aluminum Record Stabilizer

Identical to Titanium Record Stabilizer above,

except precision machined from Type 6061 (T6)

aluminum. Weight: 240 grams


Tonearm dampers:


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Herbie's Donut:

Herbie's Donut Platter Mat

Firm elastomer "donut" is a great record/platter interface for Raven AC, Verdier Platine, and other turntables that typically do not use a platter mat. Standard .81mm-thick mat has sufficient body/weight that it stays in position on the platter and records lift right off. Herbie's Donut is also handy to use instead of awkward-to-use shims and to avoid adjusting VTA between records: just place on top of your present mat when you need a height boost for thin records, take it off for use with thick records.


  • Outside diameter: 280mm (11") Inside diameter 108mm (4.25")
  • Thickness: .81mm (.032") or optional .5mm
  • Optional spindle washer allows use of record clamp.

90-day no-risk trial. If not satisfied, simply return any Herbie's Audio Lab product within 90 days for a complete refund.

Lifetime warranty. If anything ever goes wrong, simply return any Herbie's Audio Lab turntable product and it will be repaired or replaced and returned to you at no cost.

International Shipments. Because turntable mats do not fit in a flat-rate envelope, the default shipping method on our shopping cart order form is not appropriate. For shipping option, choose either "USPS Med/Large Parcel," "Turntable Mat: Express Mail," or "Turntable Mat: Priority Mail Int'l."

Direct from the manufacturer!

All Herbie's Audio Lab products are precision crafted in the U.S.A. (We ship worldwide.)

All parts and materials made in USA


Name: Josh
Message: Was wondering for the audio technica at lp 60 you recommend the 4mm 285. But it also says to pick the mat thickness closest to ur original mat size. This is contradicting information. I measured my mat 2mm ish, but you say go with 4mm. Please clarify. Does it not matter? Thanx in advance.

Webmaster's reply: A Way Excellent II-4mm mat is recommended for AT LP-60, though you wouldn't go wrong with a Way Excellent II mat the same thickness as the stock mat. Though stock mat thickness might vary some, the LP-60 mat is usually considerably thicker than 2mm.

Audio Technica LP-series turntables with elliptical cartridges are not real picky about precise VTA/tonearm height. These models are configured to play appropriately with either just the stock mat or with a DJ slipmat on top of the stock mat, which comes to about 4mm or so in thickness. (A slipmat is not recommended for use on top of a Way Excellent II mat.)

Like many other belt-drive turntables, the LP-60 can be prone to some rumble, and a thicker 4mm mat most assures any rumble to be completely eliminated. You should get very good results with any Way Excellent II mat from 3mm to 4mm thick, though. Among our customers who have auditioned different thicknesses with Audio Technica LP turntables, 4mm has been preferred for best sonic results.
Name: Roman
Message: What would you reccomend for a Luxman PD264?

Webmaster's reply: Whichever Way Excellent II mat is closest in thickness and diameter to the stock mat would be appropriate.
Name: Warren
Message: I need to add some height to my Thorens td-125 platter or shim the cart lower to get proper vta. A 1/4" mat atop the oem mat would probably work, might be too high for the spindle. Suggestions?

Webmaster's reply: It seems that if a mat thick enough to be within VTA range results in the spindle being too short, having to shim the cartridge would be inevitable. If a 1/16" thick or 1/8" Way Excellent II mat on top the stock mat would be within VTA range and accommodate spindle height, you'd be okay or maybe require only minor cart shimming. If you need as much as 1/4" more height and that's above the top of the spindle, you could still use the setup but you'd have to be sort of meticulous placing the record on the mat, though it's not really difficult to place the record pretty well centered without a spindle.

I think a better option might be to return the short cartridge if newly purchased and get a good cartridge that's within the appropriate height range for your tonearm and turntable. Either way, upgrading to a Way Excellent II Turntable Mat to replace the stock mat altogether is always worthwhile with Thorens TD-125 tables.
Name: tod
Message: Is 285mm-diameter way excellent ll 4mm turntable mat going to work considering the audio-technica at lp 60 turntable has no adjustment capabilities for the arm or the stylus cartridge? also do you think this product will make an improvement valuable enough to justify purchasing a turntable mat worth as much as the turntable itself?

Webmaster's reply We have lots of AT LP60 customers using the Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat with excellent results. Most elliptical cartridges used with the LP60 are not overly sensitive to precise VTA, so long as you're within about a millimeter or so. A mat closest in thickness to the stock mat also would be appropriate.

With a Way Excellent II mat, you'll get a substantial sonic improvement and less rumble that's often associated with belt-drive tables like the AT-LP60. The value of bringing out more of your system's inherent potential and a musical rendering that's more faithful to the originally recorded event is of course subjective. Whether the show is worth the price of the ticket is a personal choice, a choice many of our customers have been happy to have made.
Name: tod
Message: Which mat is right for an audio-technica at lp60

Webmaster's reply: 285mm-diameter Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat.
Name: Yonatan Robaina
Message: Hi I have a Pioneer PLC-590, the rubber mat has a diameter of 306mm and 5mm thick, which would be recommended for this dish? Thank you very much for everything, Yonatan

Webmaster's reply: A full-size (295mm-diameter) Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat is recommended for the PLC-590. Being more efficient at isolation than the stock rubber mat, the Way Excellent II doesn't need to be quite as thick. If you cannot adjust VTA/tonearm height, then a Way Excellent II-5mm Turntable Mat would be most appropriate.
Name: Chris
Message: Hello,
In the listing you show the 292mm mat for the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. In the posted questions, you recommend the full size 295mm. I just want to confirm which one will work for my turntable. Thanks you.

Webmaster's reply: The Debut Carbon, with 300mm-diameter platter, does very well with a 295mm mat. However, with the slightly rounded and beveled outer edge of the platter, a 292mm mat fits a little more neatly on the platter. (Older posts recommending a 295mm-diameter mat have been edited to recommend a 292mm mat.)
Name: Jim Schabow
Message: I just picked up a Pioneer PL-518 direct drive table. What mat would you recommend?

Webmaster's reply: A 285mm-diameter Way Excellent II-4.5mm Turntable Mat is ideal for the PL-518.
Name: Godfrey
Message: Hi
I have a Dr. Feickert Woodpecker 2 turntable with the optional inertia platter. Which turntable mat and size is best for this turntable.

Thanks in advance!

Webmaster's reply: Full-size Way Excellent II-2mm Turntable Mat.
Name: Carl
Message: Hi. i have a rebuilt AR XA with stock tonearm . what mat(way excellent 2) and do i need the stabilizer. thank you very much

Webmaster's reply: Full-size Way Excellent II-2mm Turntable Mat for AR XA. Most people find you don't really need a Stabilizer with the AR/Way Excellent II, but that's strictly a matter of personal choice/preference.
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