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Name: Christopher Keene, Arlington
Review: Have actually had them in place for a couple of years now. The current blizzard here in the mid-Atlantic is giving me the opportunity to see to all sorts of things that I've let go for far too long.

So, I'm using these to replace the choice of spikes or "ball end" feet that come with my Zu Soul Superflies. I'm working with an uneven clay tile floor, which eliminates the spikes and makes the ball-end feet difficult at best. The gliders are much more forgiving for small adjustments. And since the floor beneath the clay tiles is solid concrete, once the speakers are stable, they are also safe from vibration (or at least vibration from below).

Threaded stud gliders drop right in assuming you have the correct thread size, and assuming you understand the dynamics of your floor, should serve you well.

Name: Kenneth J.
Review: Square Fat Dots under the monitors, threaded gliders under the stand--a big improvement. I took some of my Tenderfoots over to a friend's to try out and he wouldn't let me have them back, so I'll have to order some more.

Name: Mike Silverton, StereoTimes/La Folia Online Music Review
Review: If thereís a downside to having replaced the spikes with Gliders, I donít hear it. Indeed, the speakers sound all the better in their new positions. The low endís as well defined as ever and the midrange is as delicious as ever. And what a soundfield!

La Folia Online Review

Name: Charlie A., Rutland, MA
Review: I finally got a chance to listen with the Gliders mounted to the Kharmas...Love the way they hold the Kharmas in place..Very solid and stable..Also very simple to level speakers.. The check nuts also secures everything in place..Changes : I do sense more crispness and tightness of notes..Considering the Modest cost and Improvement in Firm Stance and Ease of Speaker adjustments, I would say they are extremely User Freindly and a Bargain...I have tried many Tweeks over the years and 99% of them have both Good and Bad changes to Sonics to some degree ( in one area or another ) .. I think the beauty of the Glider is they just seem to allow your Speakers to breath a little more freely...( if that makes sense ) ....I have already passed along my praises to a few Audio pals...Thanks again...

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