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Name: Mike
Message: Steve,

I have a NorthStar M192 DAC and transport with tender feet under each. What would you recommend for stabilizers? 2 on the transport, 1 on the DAC?......


Webmaster's reply: Sure, that should do very well.
Name: foxx
Message: Hi....it works great.....tankz
Name: Mike Lindsay
Message: Thanks Steve got the tenderfeet the other day and already i've experimented a bit and found the work superbly on both the cd and the dac but best with 2 stabilizers on top!! Was very sceptical if the TF would better those well know 'pods' and 'cones' since they had worked very well for me but really there was no need to do a comparative test - the TF just blew that combo out of the water!Brilliant result -congratulations on a superb range of upgrade products. Will be back for more soon.
Name: petro puziak
Message: I have been using the stabilizer for about 3 months tryied all possible combos on top of my dac with no luck,then I put them under the dac and what a difference it made like chalk and cheese.The bass was tighter vocals sharpe and clear just about every thing was so much better,the dac sits on 2 tenderfeet with a stabilizer on top of the tenderfeet,the dac I use is a wyred 4 sound 2 this set up works for me.Trail and error nothing to loose more to gain,
Name: Curious
Message: Have you ever performed double blind tests using these "Stabilizers"?

Webmaster's reply: Herbie's Audio Lab has performed all kinds of tests using SuperSonic Stabilizers, including double-blind. In many applications, results are readily measurable and easily hearable, rendering double-blind tesing sort of a no-brainer exercise.
Name: Mike Gibson
Message: Steve
Got the stabilizers today,thanks.
Now where on a OPPO 95 do you recommend i position these?
Also would i really see an improvement on my MF M1 dac and if so where would i put them on that?
Looking for ideas.

Webmaster's reply: Every component and vibrational environment is different, so the only way to determine ideal position of Stabilizers is by experimentation. You'll usually do okay just placing them where it seems like a good spot, like at the middle of the component top. Some trial and error with placement will usually reveal a "sweet spot" where they work the best with a particular component. You might find a single Stabilizer is ideal, or two either stacked or placed separately, laterally, on the component.

A DAC is generally the component in the system most sensitive to microvibrational issues and the most readily improved with Tenderfeet and Stabilizers. Just start off with a single Stabilizer on the Middle of the DAC.


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