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Name: Billy D
Message: I own a PrimaLuna Classic CD player which uses one pair of 12AU7 and one pair of 12AX7. What recommendations are you suggesting and can I expect obvious positive results?

Webmaster's reply: Four Tenderfoot isolation Feet under the component chassis, a SuperSonic Stabilizer or two on top, an UltraSonic SS-9 on each of the tubes. Sure, results should be positive and obvious.
Name: JOE E.
Message: What is needed for an AI MODULUS M3A preamp with 6H23NEB tubes that is dead quiet already???

Webmaster's reply: Four Tenderfoot isolation feet under both the preamp and power supply chasses, plus an UltraSonic SS-9 damping instrument on each of the tubes will bring out a more faithful rendering of the source music, a little more natural, dynamic and lifelike.
Name: Kris
Message: Hi,
Im asking for HAL-O JR. Damping Instruments for tonearms. I have two models, Jelco SA750D and Fidelity Research FR64fx.

What size, kind(ptfe or titanium) and how many can you recommend for each tonearm?

Webmaster's reply: It's best to measure the diameter of the tonearm and compare to the size recommendation on the website listing. PTFE and titanium are equally effective; PTFE has the advantage of flexibility if the damper must be placed on the tonearm laterally. One damper is usually sufficient, though two can be used if you like. (Comments form on the HAL-O JR page has been fixed.)
Name: Kris
Message: what's the best choice (rx or ss) for preamp and phono with the use of tungsram 7dj8 tubes?

Webmaster's reply: For small-signal 9-pin miniature tubes like 7dj8, UltraSonic Rx and UltraSonic SS have equivalent potential. Subtle sonic differences between the two might vary somewhat from one system to another, with neither having inherent sonic superiority over the other. Both reduce microphonics and micro-vibrational distortion superbly to bring out the best of the tubes and gear. Because of the lower price of SS dampers, UltraSonic SS-9 is our default recommendation for 7DJ8 tubes.
Name: Florida Phil
Message: What is the difference between the Ultrasonic SS-7 and the PTFE Hal-O 7? I have a twin 6J1 pre-amp. Thanks

Webmaster's reply: Differences are as indicated in the product descriptions of each. Subtle sonic differences, comparatively, will vary somewhat from one system to another. Both will efficiently reduce or eliminate microphonics and micro-vibrational distortions. Though either should do very well with your 6J1 tubes, UltraSonic SS-7 would be our recommendation. UltraSonic SS tends to deliver just slightly superior results, more sonically neutral and linear, a little faster with dynamics.
Name: Finn Mölmen
Message: Intent on finishing fine tuning of my setup, I added Ultrasonic SS's to already splendid Brimar and RCA 12AU7 tubes in my Rogue Magnum Stereo 90 SE and Belles VT-01. I thought the difference would be minute and noticeable only on special occasions, but was instead astonished by the improvement in three-dimensionality and sheer realism of the sound reproduction. I suspect the improvement is especially noticeable when your setup is already well tempered, but whenever you apply Herbie's damper rings it is inevitable to tidy your sound up. Highly recommended, or simply indispensable.
Name: Lineus George
Message: Which tube damper should I use with KT66, 5u4 and OA3 tubes?

Webmaster's reply: UltraSonic Rx or HAL-O III dampers are appropriate for these tubes.
Name: Bill
Message: Which Ultra Sonic model for,the el34 tube?


Webmaster's reply: EL34 tubes typically run very hot, requiring UltraSonic Rx or HAL-O III damping instruments. EL34 tubes come in various sizes and shapes, with most using size "35" dampers.
Name: Robin E Layton
Message: What is the best choice for Pathos Classic One MkII with Sovtek 6922 - ECC 8625 tubes?

Webmaster's reply: UltraSonic SS-9 is appropriate.
Name: TK
Message: Hey can you recommend me the best tube dampers for 12AX7/ECC83 size tubes in a guitar amplifier?


Webmaster's reply: UltraSonic SS-9 usually does very well with 12AX7/ECC83 small-signal tubes in guitar amps, though Guitar Amp UltraSonic 9 is generally recommended for guitar amps, especially combo guitar amps, because of the severity of the vibrational environment the tubes are dealing with.
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