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Name: Bhupi Jain, Doha, Qatar
Review: Overall excellent, well priced products backed by superb service. The advice from Robert was honest and prompt, much appreciated by a novice like me!

I initially ordered the cone spike gliders, steel base to place underneath the spikes of my KEF Reference 205/2s placed on a tiled floor. Though sounding great originally, the speakers became very focused with the gliders and the brightness was well channeled with amazing improvement in instrument separation. I experimented by placing the gliders only under one speaker and the comparison between the two speakers sound was startling.

Subsequently I placed big extra firm tenderfeet underneath my McIntosh MA7900 integrated amp, followed by big soft tenderfeet underneath my Marantz SACD player as well as the Clearaudio Concept moving coil turntable.

Overall result: exquisite well balanced sound on top of as is beautiful sonics. Robert's advice was superb and saved me from considerable hassle and expense. The delivery was prompt more so as I am based abroad.

I strongly recommend herbie products.

Apart from the above, I am using Analysis Plus interconnects and speaker cables, and Russ Andrews power cords. These are awesome add ons and Herbie's feet have completed my audio set up in a very inexpensive manner.

Name: Ryan Hutton, Muscatine, Iowa
Review: Just got these in (Big Tall Tenderfeet) and put them under my cd player and could hear an immediate improvement. Far less resonance than before. The soundstage opened up and there is better detail and bass as well. I am pretty surprised at these. Will be ordering more for my amp and dac as well

Name: Dylan Cas, Singapore
Review: Having tried my PMC FB1i floorstanders with spikes+metal spike cups, with and without their plinth, and resting directly on my ceramic tile over concrete floor (on their slightly protruding plastic spike holders), there was still serious problems with the sound (muddy, can't follow a drum line or rhythm section, boxed in recessed mids).

After placing Big Fat Dots between speaker and floor, along with Tenderfeet under my Naim UnitiQute2 and NAP100, I expected a subtle improvement but it is drastic in so many ways:
- Leading edge and decay of notes vastly improved across the whole frequency range, giving much more realism and rhythm to music.
- Vocal and instrumental timbres and harmonics, giving a more natural and 'live' sound.
- Greater clarity, detail, dynamics and scale - a huge difference in soundstage and insight to the layers and placements audible within a recording.
- Recessed midrange is virtually cured, emotion is now coming through.
- Music now seems to flow more effortlessly out into the room, soundstage depth and height noticeably improved.

I had been auditioning and hankering after a set of Harbeth Monitor 30.1 as they sounded so much better at the dealers than my PMC's at home, but with the improvement given by these isolation feet I don't feel any need to swap out any more.

Simply put, these products helped my system reach its maximum music-making potential. I was listening long into the night after I first set them up, my system has come alive in a foot-tapping and smile-inducing way.

Name: Todd Reitz, TR Audio
Review: These feet are very effective, I'm impressed.

Name: Francisco Duran, Positive Feedback Online
Review: ...I felt like a fool spending big money on expensive and cumbersome isolation/vibration devices when the Herbie's Audio Labs products did the job a heck of a lot better, easier and way cheaper.

Name: Rick Becker, Enjoy the
Review: A set of Tenderfeet under the power supply took a sound that was very neutral, focused and transparent, and added a touch of liquidity without sacrificing any focus or transparency.

Name: Vade Forrester, San Antonio, Texas
Review: The Tenderfeet are just a few bucks more than Vibrapods, with much better results.

Name: Bob Lietz, The Analog Shop
Review: Hey, those little Tenderfoots are really something! They outperform a $199 set of isolation devices that I have.

Name: Bruce Varvonis, Kays Interiors, Chicago
Review: I put some tenderfooters under my slide projector---it vibrates alot, having a carousel. The picture quality improved ten to fifteen percent.

Name: Joe Pittman, Pacific Northwest Audio Society
Review: From the October, 2006 edition of PNWAS Newsletter:

"Many components especially digital suffer from distortions caused by microphonic vibrations. Sensitive parts such as connectors, processors, capacitors and drives produce distorted signals in the presence of vibrations, adding discomfort, ear pain, and other nasties to the listening experience. If you are experiencing these problems, you could have a foot problem. Herbies Audio Lab is famous for his tube dampers, but he also makes inexpensive and effective isolation/damping footers for equipment. Iíve used several different resonance-absorbing materials in the past, but just like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears and her bed comfort testing, some materials damped too much and some damped too little, but Herbies materials sounds just right.

"Tenderfoot is my favorite all-purpose inexpensive footer. These are very neutral and do their job without robbing dynamics or over damping the sound. "

Name: Dan Wright, Portland, Oregon
Review: I have had a set of Herbie's Tender Feet for a while now and it is about time that I expressed my enthusiasm for them and what they do. I have them under my Monolithic PS-1 phono stage right now and I am VERY pleased. It is very important to treat vibrations, both micro and macro vibrations in source gear and these products are truly great.

Keep up the good work!

Name: doug girling
Review: I've been ripped off. I can't believe how many thousands (yes thousands) of dollars I've spent on system enhancements that don't even come close to the benefits of throwing a few Tenderfeet under my amp and cd player. Looking at the little black bits of rubber that arrived in the mail, absolutely nothing could have prepared me for the magnitude of system improvement these things provided. Nothing to date has so successfully cleaned the grunge out of my sound field. I have never had such a clear "view" of the performers. Truly, I am quite flabbergasted. The clarity of bass is now in a completely different league too - multi kilobuck power conditioners , cables etc couldn't clean up my bass like the Tender feet did. I don't really know how to explain this - I thought I had a pretty secure mounting system consisting of a lot of Maple wood platforms and Brass feet sitting directly on a concrete floor, but the Tender feet have turned things upside down. Frankly if I had blown 5K on a new cd player and got this amount of improvement I would have been pleased as punch.

All that remains to be said is: A HUGE thank you.

System Ayon CD5, Blue Circle FTTH, Reference 3A De Capo's, Audionote interconnects, and a bunch of Acoustic Revive and Mapleshade stuff.


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