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Name: Tom Berry
Message: I have a pair of Audio Note E speakers on AN stands, on a wooden floor. I have Threaded Stud Gliders coming for the stands. Would there be any further benefit from using Fat Dots between the speakers and stands, or are the Gliders sufficient?

Webmaster's reply: For speaker isolation, usually the speaker/stand interface is more critical than the stand/floor interface, so using Fat Dots between the speakers and stands would be additionally beneficial to better isolate the speakers.
Name: Gerry
Message: What would you suggest for Spendor A6 spikes on a hardwood floor?

Webmaster's reply: Either a Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider under each of the stock spikes, or Threaded Stud Gliders in place of the stock spikes altogether.
Name: Mark Ambert
Message: Thanks so much for a GREAT product! i set up my speakers & the X-Large Fat Dots work like a charm. The benefits were immediate and easily recognizable. The top speaker is an SP Tech Timepiece 2.1 monitor which weighs a hefty 65lbs. I have them positioned on a stereo pair of ACI Titan Subs that i use as speaker stands (see pic). These subs put out some serious low end and needed to be isolated from the monitors - the Fat Dots more than did the trick and resulted in more clarity and a much better sound stage. I will be looking to buy more of your products to further isolate other components in my system. Vibration control is the key to improved dynamics and clarity in a high resolution system.
Name: Todd
Message: Hello, I have a pair of B&W 685S2 speakers sitting on the desk which causing vibrations, the room is too small there's no way that i can put them on speaker stands.

I'm wondering which product would allow isolating from the desk and the speakers?


Webmaster's reply: Either Medium or Large Soft Fat Dots should work very well for isolation between the desk and speakers.
Name: Ben
Message: Hi, I am using Focal 1027BE speakers where the base is an odd shape, please advise what type of footers will be best. Thanks.

Webmaster's reply: Regulard Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders under each spike on the bottom of the loudspeaker would work very well for the Focal 1027BE. If used on very thick carpet, Giant Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders would be more appropriate, especially if you plan on moving the speakers frequently.
Name: David
Message: What would you suggest using under Merlin VSM speakers? These have spikes and are designed to be firmly attached to the floor. I have hardwood floors.

Also, on the same surface what would be best for a component rack system with spikes?

Thanks so much, I love your products.

Webmaster's reply: For VSM speakers, a Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider under each of the stock spikes. For the component rack, a regular or Giant Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider under each spike.
Name: Rob
Message: Good morning STEVE:
which do you recommend to place under Vandersteen 2Cs on stands, on a padded carpet, Superior Decoupling Spikes or Giant Fat Glider.

Webmaster's reply: Giant Fat Gliders.
Name: Jordan
Message: Hello - I'm considering getting the Giant decoupling gliders to isolate my rack - I think it's a high vibration area because I have buses going outside my window...

If this is not the case will the isolation performance be reduced compared to the normal decoupling gliders?

thank you!

Webmaster's reply: I don't think there is any circumstance whereby Giant Gliders' isolation performance would be reduced compared to regular Gliders. Giant Gliders have much more vibration-absorbing and blocking "beef" for the job.
Name: Jordan
Message: Hello,
I have this rack:

it has two shelves, on has a solid state power amp thats 40KG and the other a DAC that is about 16kg - it's all on a wooden floor

I'd lik to isolate both components and i sue the racks feet too? Please advise on which products to go for?

thank you!

Webmaster's reply: Four Extra-Firm Tenderfoot isolation feet under the amp, four TenderSoft Tenderfeet under the DAC. A pair of SuperSonic Stabilizers on each component is always additionally beneficial. For the rack (nice rack!), either a Cone/Spike Puckies isolation base or Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider under each of the bottom floor spikes (or, Threaded Stud Gliders in place of the floor spikes altogether).
Name: David
Message: Hi Herbie
I've got 2 sets of speakers
JBL 4411 (53 pounds)
Kef LS50 (15.8 pounds)
and a tube amp (70 pounds)
What would you recommend I put under these?

Webmaster's reply: Assuming these monitor speakers are on stands, four Big Fat Dots under each JBL and four Square Fat Dots under eaqch KEF speaker. For the amp, four Extra-Firm Tenderfoot isolation feet.
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