-Decoupling Spike Comments-

Name: Amos Chipotle
Message: Honestly there is NOTHING like his spikes. if you are considering these, BUY them. They were the greatest $300 i have ever spent in 30+ years of audio. Each and every loudspeaker came alive with newfound brilliance, subtle details able to break through. And the quality and craftsmanship are just as solid...much care taken. This IS the real deal people! You have my word. -Amos
Name: Gene Hopstetter, Jr.
Message: I put three Deluxe Superior Decoupling Spikes on some Isolation Bases under my Garrard 301's very heavy plinth. They're gorgeous, they tightened up the sound, and FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO PERFECTLY BALANCE A TURNTABLE! Why didn't I buy these spikes ten years ago?

Then I put a Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat on the 301. AMAZING IMPROVEMENT. It made my $80 Grado mono cart sound like a $400 mono cart. The improvements were that good. And the sound of my Zu Denon DL-103R stereo cart became absolutely holographic. Yup, I should have bought the mat ten years ago as well.


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