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Superior Decoupling Spike: Loudspeaker/Subwoofer/Platform Decoupling

Superior Decoupling Spike

With 1" precision-machined stainless steel cone coupled to a wide stainless steel disc and decoupling layer of Herbie's dBNeutralizer, Superior Decoupling Spike neutralizes vibration, decouples, and holds loudspeaker cabinet or other component motionless for superior performance. Ideal for use on all carpeted floors. Can also be used with cone points facing up (or down) on bare floor or shelf.

Utilizing a wide base for lateral stability, Herbie's Superior Decoupling Spikes need no stud or adhesive (though optional pressure-sensitive adhesive is available); just place three or four under each loudspeaker. Easy to install: just tilt your cabinet a little, place a Superior Decoupling Spike under it, then set the cabinet down. dBNeutralizer gets a good grip, preventing the cabinet from moving or sliding.

Recommended for loudspeakers, subwoofers, amplifier platforms, or other load of virtually any weight.

Overall height: 1.35" (34.3mm) ·
width: 1.26" (36mm).

Superior Decoupling Spike: $22.85 ea.
(with pressure-sensitive adhesive: $23.25 ea.)

Also available:

Budget Decoupling Spike: same as above except has precision-machined aluminum cone instead of stainless steel. $16.85 ea.
(with pressure-sensitive adhesive: $17.31 ea.)

"I recently got eight Superior Decoupling Spikes for my Emerald Physics 4.8 speakers. All of my stereo components are sitting on Tenderfeet, including the crossover boxes, so it was a given to try the Herbie's spikes as well. These spikes are some serious piece of hardware. They look beautiful and well made. Very high quality as all of Herbie's products.

What I noticed as soon as I played the first record after installing the spikes was the improvement in the articulation of the low frequencies. The low notes seemed to stop faster, for example, you can follow acoustic bass notes more effortlessly. There was also improvement in the low mid and mid frequencies as well, making these more present. High frequencies seemed elevated, but still clean and not fatiguing. The soundstage size and precision of the imaging remained top notch as before, i.e., I could not notice any changes for the better, or worst. "-Alex Padilla, Saint Johns, Florida

"The Superiors absolutely trounced the stock spikes that came with my Von Schweikert loudspeakers. In an instant my high end was smoother, detail increased, bass was better defined, and the soundstage clarity increased. The entire presentation was noticeably faster."-John Zurek, Positive Feedback Online

"I am very happy with the carpet spikes, they work very well under my Martin Logans, better than their proprietary spikes. And they work very well too under the power outlets (conditioner). Smooth trebles yet a lot of details. Well defined bass and very good scene. The system sounds less 'digital.'" -Stefano Amico, Livorno, Italy

"Steve, the decoupling spikes arrived the other day and have been placed under my sub-woofer. I had been having some boom from the subwoofer but I didn't know if it was system; the coordination of the sub and other speakers; or the way the sub sat on my carpeted floor. Well, I have found a large difference adding the decoupling spikes. I think the way you have integrated the damping material into the spikes is the answer as not only is the sub suspended a little above the floor but the damping seems to clear up the boom; the sound is now much more refined and clean. Thanks for the suggestions." -Ken McGuire, Calgary, Canada"

"I have a Spectron Class-d amp, with a granite slab on carpet under the amp. I just purchased and received your Superior Decoupling Spikes and very much like the improvement."-Will Gibbons, Arizona

"The last thing to be isolated was my subwoofer. After all the successive improvements I had heard so far, I knew that I would hear some kind of improvement. But I was not prepared for what I heard. There are not enough WOW's for this one! OMG, I was hearing deep bass like I didn't know existed.-Brent Tuthill, Hendersonville, North Carolina

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