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MedicinBall: upgrade replacement for Gingko rubber balls


MedicinBall with vinyl polymer base

(Base no longer in stock)

Overall height: 2" (50.8mm)

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Because Herbie's 1-7/8" MedicinBall doesn't squish with weight load, only three or four balls are needed for component support and can effectively replace a more numerous array of softer rubber balls. This in-house-developed hard silicone superbly absorbs micro-vibrations while preventing the transfer of vibrations from the component to shelf and vice-versa.

DIY Sandbox Decoupling: Imbed three or more MedicinBalls in a sandbox, then place a platform or component directly on the balls.

MedicinBall is a superb same-size upgrade replacement for Gingko blue or green rubber balls and recommended for components weighing from 5 to 500 pounds. Because the silicone-based formulation does not deteriorate with age as rubber balls do, these balls will last virtually forever and always remain fully functional.

Gabon ebony dome:

Gabon ebony domes

Great for giving center channel or bookshelf speakers a lift at the front or back for some tilt. Tilt angle can be adjusted/increased by moving the domes incrementally toward the opposite side. Can also be used as component feet. 1" (25.4mm) diameter by 1/2" tall.

$2.89 ea.

For superior isolation/decoupling, place a 25mm grungebuster Dot or Herbie's Hush Puckies dBNeutralizer "base pad only" under each Gabon ebony dome.


Frosted Clear Iso-Cup w/ Gabon ebony Ball

 shown w/ Gabon ebony ball 

Pillowy soft, platinum-cured silicone holds any 7/8", 25mm or 1" ball,

or Gabon ebony dome (flat side  up) for highly efficient isolation.

Different ball materials will provide subtly different sonic results.

Black version is extra-firm.

Overall height with 1" ball is 1.4" (35.6mm)

Iso-Cup only; without ball:

Frosted Clear or Black, $17.49 ea.

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Frosted acrylic ball, 1" diameter: $.49 ea. [ click to order ]

Gabon ebony ball, 1" diameter: $3.89 ea. [ click to order ]

Gemstone balls, 1" diameter: $3.49 ea. [ open new page ]

Lampblack ball, 1" diameter: $0.69 ea. [ click to order ]

Macassar ebony ball, 7/8" diameter; lathe-turned in the 1960's: $2.49 ea. [ click to order ]

All Herbie's Audio Lab products feature a 90-day money-back trial period and unconditional lifetime warranty.

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