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Gabon ebony dome:

Gabon ebony domes

Great for giving center channel or bookshelf speakers a lift at the front for some tilt. Tilt angle can be adjusted/increased by moving the domes incrementally toward the rear.

1" diameter by 1/2" tall (height varies slightly)

$3.89 ea.

For additional height and superior isolation/decoupling, place a Herbie's Hush Puckies dBNeutralizer "base pad only" under each Gabon ebony dome.


MedicinBall Gingko Ball Upgrade

MedicinBall with vinyl polymer base

Overall height: 2" (50.8mm)

Herbie's 1-7/8" MedicinBall is sized as a direct upgrade replacement for Gingko rubber balls (approved by Gingko Audio as an upgrade replacement). Not weight-specific, MedicinBall is a superior upgrade for both green and blue Gingko balls. Because the MedicinBall doesn't squish with weight load, only three or four balls are needed for component support and can effectively replace a more numerous array of squishy Gingko balls. This in-house-developed hard silicone superbly absorbs micro-vibrations while preventing the transfer of vibrations from the component to shelf and vice-versa.

DIY Sandbox Decoupling: Imbed three or more MedicinBalls in a sandbox, then place a platform or component directly on the balls for superb isolation.

MedicinBalls are recommended for components weighing from 5 to 500 pounds.

MedicinBall (ball only): $9.49 ea.

MedicinBall with vinyl polymer base: $14.95


Frosted acrylic ball, 1" diameter: $.59 ea. [ click to order ]

Gabon ebony ball, 1" diameter: $4.29 ea. [ click to order ]

Lampblack ball, 1" diameter soda-lime glass: $.69 ea. [ click to order ]

Macassar ebony ball, 7/8" diameter; lathe-turned in the 1960's: $3.49 ea. [ click to order ]

Closeout: 1" gemstone balls, $4.49 ea. 
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Frosted Clear Iso-Cup:

Frosted Clear Iso-Cup w/ Lampblack Ball

 shown w/ Lampblack ball 

Pillowy soft, platinum-cured silicone holds any 25mm, 7/8" or 1" ball,

or Gabon ebony dome (flat side  up). Sonically neutral, very efficient

decoupling. Different ball materials will provide different sonic results.
Overall height with 1" ball is 1.4" (35.6mm)

Iso-Cup only; without ball: $17.49 ea.

All Herbie's Audio Lab products feature a 90-day money-back trial period and unconditional lifetime warranty.

Can't Find It?

Herbie's Audio Lab from time-to-time upgrades product listings to feature better, improved, and/or more universally adaptable products and lets go of less-popular items. Some products previously featured on Herbie's website are still available in limited quantity, or can be made to order. Custom sizes and unique parameters for some products can also be made to order. For info about any product in particular or special need, use the "Contact Us" link at the top-right of this page to send an inquiry to Herbie's Audio Lab.

Products Made in USA

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Name: KC
Message: I just received a set of 3 clear Iso-Cups with the Lampblack balls and placed them under my Cambridge Audio Azure 651C cd player. These replaced a set of Bright Star Isonodes which had been placed under my stock feet. The difference with these Iso-Cups, especially being in direct contact with the component chassis, was substantial. There was an obvious gain in both clarity and dynamic contrast while retaining the warmth and midrange texture that I am unwilling to sacrifice. The soundstage also seemed to open up a little bit and the background now appeared more black. I was going to initially place these under my Rogue Audio Sphinx amplifier but could not pass up the temptation to try them on my cdp first. Well, I was so impressed that I will not move them; there they stay!

I have a second set of the newer black Iso-Cups coming with the Super Sonic hardballs to try on my amp. The company's opinion about the limitations of Sorbothane footers seems completely valid to me now that I've been able to compare the material to the Iso-Cups.

Because of my initial impression, I now regret buying elsewhere first. I will now look to Herbie's for my isolation needs. This is not an advertisement, merely my personal observations. And one more thing: super fast shipping & considerate packaging!
Name: jmac
Message: what mat should i use for a pioneer pl10

Webmaster's reply: A full-size (295mm-diameter) Way Excellent II-4mm Turntable Mat
Name: Jon B.
Message: Installed the MedicinBalls in my three Gingko platforms underneath my Blu-Ray, CD and VPI Scoutmaster turntable. In each case the clarity and level of detail increased and the soundstage became more focused. I would say the level of improvement was a direct ratio of the increased firmness of the MedicinBall to the standard Blue and Green Gingko balls. Everyone should replace their green and blue balls with the black MedicinBalls. It really is a noticeable improvement.
Name: Dave
Message: Love the t shirt idea as well. Tube dampener is awesome. Can't wait to purchase some feet and component stabilizers!
Thank you
Name: TJ
Message: Love the suggestion from JoMoCo about a Herbie's Lab t-shirt with the atomic tube logo on it. I would buy one for sure!
Name: Mark
Message: I thought you also sold a cd/dvd cleaning system. Was it discontinued?

Webmaster's reply: Herbie's Audio Lab has never sold a cd/dvd cleaning system.
Name: Array1138
Message: Is there a ball holder/base large enough for a Gallo Micro speaker?

Webmaster's reply: The MedicinBall polymer base (shown above) is large enough to hold a Gallo Micro Speaker. When you click on the "Add to Shopping Cart" button for the MedicinBall, the Shopping Cart provides a drop-down menu from which you can choose "Base only, no ball," for $7.49 each.
Name: Jeff Mitcheltree
Message: Steve,

I've been thrilled with the SBH for my audio CD's. I decided to try it for my DVD collection. Amazing improvements to both Audio/Video. The sound is more natural and "alive". The video's contrast/brightness are crazy good. The detailing of images is off the charts. I'm very impressed.

Name: John Davis
Message: I liked the improvent the Tenderfeet made to my CD player, it was already sitting on a sandbox so I think that helped too. However, the improvement the Tenderfeet made with my Ayre preamp was amazing. Caught me by surprise. I know this sounds weird, but they made the pre sound A LOT like a high quality tube preamp. More air and dimension to the sound. Now I'm wondering if the Tenderfeet will improve my power amp? Thanks for great products at a resonable price.
Name: JoMoCo
Message: Product suggestion: How about a cool t shirt with the atomic SR tube graphic logo?
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