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Name: Bruce M., San Francisco Bay Area
Review: The bang for the buck on this product is insane. Aside from the Stillpoint RFI paper, I can't think of anything that touches it.

Name: Jon Arellano, Calgary AB Canada
Review: I stop listening to all my CD collections thru my dedicated Headphone system due to sibilance and harshness on some recording. With the use of Black Hole CD Mat, now I'm enjoying the music from my high resolution headphone system. All the harshness and sibilance are gone, more details and the bass is awesome! This is a great product if you are listening to headphone. Thanks Steve for the great product!

Name: Mark Brockway
Review: This is the best CD mat on the market as I've tried them all and this is the only one my Wadia puts up with disk after disk. The other mats cause a horrible skipping noise. This one improves the sonics. It is also way cheaper. Bravo on an excellent product.

Name: Mike Silverton, The Stereo Times
Review: Even with these ancient ears I perceived a diminution of glare and haze.

Online Review September 2012

Name: David Ratcliff, Portsmouth, VA
Review: I read the reviews and thought it would be worth a try. I played a few short favorite cuts with and without the SBH. To me the sound was smoother with an improved sound stage. No edginess and no fatigue.

I ran some listening tests with my wife and did not tell her what I was doing. She picked the cuts with the SBH as the better sounding selections. Keep up the good work Steve.

Name: Jeff Mitcheltree, Broomfield, CO
Review: The Super Black Hole is awesome!! This little disc has transformed the performance of my Oppo universal player. In my system I found the mids to be tighter and more focused and the bass was dramatically extended . I can now feel the rumble of the low end without a sub woofer. Another remarkable product from Steve. You are the man!

Name: Peter Troncale, West Babylon, New York
Review: The Super Black Hole eats my Marigo Signature 3-D mat for lunch!!

Name: Frank Peraino, Senior Editor, Stereo Times
Review: The SBH came today. What a piece o crap! Just kidding. Steve, I have been in this hobby a long time and have seen and heard many claims and even more gear so I try not to be over the top or too effusive with the praise or it tends to catch up with you. That said, without trying to sound like a pompous windbag, I have a fairly high end system by most people standards. So I get this $32 donut hole and think to myself "what is this little hole really going to do?" Damn Steve, the heck if I could find a down side to this thing (and I listened closely for five hours to music I know very well!) Solidity, weight, image, focus and timbre were all excellently portrayed.

I have the Marigo Signature Mat and, in my system it just doesn't sound the way I want it to.

Thanks again for a great sounding piece. I may need to buy a couple more.

Name: Millennium vs. Super Black Hole
Review: Head-Fi review

Name: Mike M, United States
Review: I received the SBH today and love it! I wrote a review and posted to Audio Asylum:

http://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/vt.mpl?f=tweaks&m=171365 (Opens in new window.)

Name: Audio Asylum
Review: Preliminary thoughts on Herbie's Super Black Hole CD Mat by Quint (opens in new window)

Name: Luis Santiago Aguada, Puerto Rico
Review: I tried this cd/dvd mats i listen some cd's specially Huey Lewis and the News (Sports ) Japanese Impression i encountered this cd without cd mat herbie the low frequencies is very little dishoganization and the higts little dark of my tasted but i play with cd mat herbie and i ecountered more body and very tueful bass and the higts very extended and more floating in the voice of huey lewis and i listen more information in the back soundstage very notable is a sence of low detail more appreciable i highly recommended this cheap tweak

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