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Name: Star Burp
Review: I don't know about all this "opened soundstage, tighter and more accurate bass, less sibilant highs" stuff. But I DO KNOW that it has helped decrease the microphonics on my Philips 6DJ8. It doesn't sound like a completely different, superior tube; it sounds like the same tube that i love so much, with less noise... which is great and the reason i purchased this product in the first place.

Great product! 10/10!! No complaints!! Would buy again!

Name: Michael Hubbard, Redmond, Washington
Review: I have had a Way Excellent turntable mat and Tenderfeet in my set up for over a year. After reading many reviews, I decided to give Herbies Tube Dampers a try. Because it is exposed with easy access I started with my Mac 275. This open access also allowed easy experimentation. Got SS 9's for line tubes and Original UltraSonics for the KT88's. Started with the dampers at default 1/3 down from top, Improvement but not "magic". Read more reviews and found many were having great success at 1/2 +. MAGIC. Time to order more SS's for the line and phono section of my Rogue Pre. Having messed about with position on the amp, I went straight to 1/2 + a schosh on the pre.- again Magic. What amazes me is the improvement in phono. I have RCA 5751's and 5814's there that are both blackplates with extra support rods. These should be pretty imune to microphonics, but the difference here is Dramatic!!! I could wax on and on with the Audiophilia, but the best way to sum it up - I have more pleasure from music in a more relaxed listening state. Thank you Steve for your devotion to musical pleasure and your inventive mind that provides devices to aid the rest of us in our similar pursuits. AND for your patience.

Name: Steve W
Review: Just fitted some Herbie's Ultrasonic SS-30's to the Electro Harmonix 6SN7 and Golden Dragon 6SL7GT's on my Bewitch KT-88 integrated.

They made a very significant difference to things;
• the space is much darker between performers and instruments which makes them each stand out and sound much more defined and three dimensional. It's quite striking.
• the bass has tightened and gained more drive and texture. The mids and tops are not competing with a 'greyness' anymore and so sound more refined and defined.

Would definitely recommend your dampers to others. And your shipping to Australia was prompt.

Queensland, Australia.

Name: Jim Sylvester, Philadelphia
Review: Incredible product...tight and detailed sound, especially in the bass. I agree with you that all tubes are microphonic, but I didn't realize how much.
I'll help spread the word.

Name: Ken McGuire, Alberta, Canada
Review: Well Steve, you were right again. I received four UltraSonic SS dampers to try on my phono stage Telefunken 12AX7 and Amperex 12AT7 tubes and put them on today. Even with my 'Tarnished Ears' (i.e., not Golden) I could hear a positive difference: There seems to be much more clarity, especially on low level sounds within the music, and instruments have more depth (overtones/undertones??).

I think I should also add how easy - and safe - it is to put the dampers on the tubes. I was a little worried that I might damage a tube putting them on but it was very easy. Ken

Name: Rune Johansen, Sande, Norway
Review: Greetings from Norway! I have received your tube dampers and I had never thought there would be such a difference. From I turned on my amplifier for the first time with the dampers – there was an improvement – No noise during startup. A 'black hole' is the best description. The same when I started to play – the sound is much more tight, with a black hole behind it. I'm really pleased with the dampers. So pleased that I wrote an email to my supplier and not only told him, but asked him to get them into his assortment. I’m going to buy a tube RIAA from him, but I must have it with Herbie’s dampers. Luckily I bought two spares with that in mind.

Just for your info I put the dampers on four Amperex Bugleboy from 1959 and 1963 in my Jolida JD502BRC from 2009.

Name: Robert Browne, Santa Monica, California
Review: Thanks for getting my recent order of tube dampers to me quickly. They arrived on December 24th, just in time to install them in my Audio Note L3 pre-amp for music listening over the Christmas holiday.

A pair of Preamp UltraSonic 9 dampers went on the Tung-Sol 5687 tubes, an UltraSonic Rx-9 damper went on a Mullard 6BM8 regulator tube and an UltraSonic Rx-30 damper went on a Bendix 5852 rectifier tube. Similar to my previous experience with your tube dampers there was increased focus and midrange clarity along with more bass detail and a subtle smoothing out of some lower treble grain. Everything became more coherent and this was especially noticeable on piano music. Without the dampers on, some recordings the lower notes were a bit muffled and occasionally there was some glare on certain higher notes. The most surprising change that I wasn't expecting was a quite noticeable increase in dynamics that contributed to the realistic and life-like presentation.

With these results on my pre-amp I'm going to have to order more tube dampers to use with my power amp. Thanks again for making products that have such a positive effect on the music listening experience.

Name: Richard Kachur, Winnipeg, Canada
Review: I really found that these made a big difference in my pre amp. I'd been using them and pulled them out the other day. Wow. Put them back in right away and made a note to purchase more to try in my power amp.

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