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Name: Benjamin Swickel, Mojo Audio
Review: I've been listening to ebony cones with grungebuster Dots under my vintage Sony 605ESD deck today and they sound QUITE good. I haven't compared them to the Tenderfeet yet but they SIGNIFICANTLY improve the already good ebony cones.

Name: John Kruczek, Orefield, Pennsylvania
Review: Now I had been sticking all manner of crap under these crossover boxes with little to no effect. So in went the 3/4" grungebuster Dots, (stacked them 2 high and used a 4 point footing) and the name says it all. It didn't get more detailed, rather it got clearer, prettier. It was an amazing and instant change to something that was already excellent. In fact it was better than that because instead of affecting tangibles, it effected an intangible. It made the music more enjoyable to hear.

I don't know what kind of voodoo you practice or what these things are made of (let me guess, Chinese newspapers and apple cores?) but your product will make my product even better than it was, and I can't thank you enough.

You know, I get this kink in my neck when I don't sleep right some times, did you ever consider making a mattress out of this stuff?

Name: Jay Lowell, Sacramento, California
Review: I replaced Sorbothane isolation with grungebuster Dots, and man, what in improvement! Using Sorbothane was like trading a headache for indigestion.

Name: L.C., U.S.A.
Review: The grungebuster sheets cut 1.75" x 2" have done very well to improve the Eichmann Topper's effectiveness. The difference is remarkable.

Name: Norman Thomas, Seattle, Washington
Review: I've bought a number of your products over the years and every one of them has been impressive but the Grungebuster Dots that I recently received and immediately placed beneath my Mapleshade maple platform (for my amp) have, I think, made me smile the most. I was expecting to be impressed as usual but the fact that such a tiny little dot of material can have such a profound influence on the music my system makes -- well, I just have to shake my head.

The Mapleshade Isoblocks they replaced were a big disappoinment. I think the Isoblocks may have even worsened things. But, that doesn't matter, thanks for the Dots. The dampers I purchased for my interconnects are great as well. I'll likely have to get some more of those in time. I don't know how you do it. Such great products across the board that don't make you feel like a sucker for buying and they've always come within two days of ordering. Thank you, thank you.

Name: Brent Feorene, Ohio
Review: Your grungebuster material lines the phono stage Bill Thalmann (formerly lead engineer at Conrad-Johnson) modded for me with a bit of help from Chris VenHaus. We were all impressed.

Name: Christopher Korody, Playa Del Rey, California
Review: The Dots are in and seem to be doing a magnificent job.

Name: Frank Lapriola, Vero Beach, Florida
Review: Those grundgebusters added to the BDR's did exactly what you said they would." (1.5" Thin Dots)

Name: Adjie Adhiningrat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Review: Wow.

The result when I installed the Extra Thick Grungebuster material between the Audio Physic Tempo loudspeakers and their feet was simply stunning. I've tweaked my preamp, amps, dac, turntable and nothing compares to this tweak. The tweak is comparable to changing my regular AC to dedicated lines. Bass has taken a new level of detail. I can sense layers and quickness of bass in the music. Tone and detail has not been sacrificed with the grungebuster material. I had excpected the music to be slow and warm from something that should decouple the speakers from the feet. I was wrong. The detail and tone is more right and solid.

Theoretically, I would say the bass on my loudspeakers was not functioning to its full potential. Now, everything is in place. The music is more live and more solid. Timing seems perfect between highs and lows. Amazing.

Name: Wellfed, North Dakota
Review: Placement atop DAC and transport yielded nice improvement in system resolution. I am using a full sheet on each component (3.2mm Extra Thick).

Name: Bert Phelan, Quebec
Review: The Grungebusters gobble up an incredible amount of vibration - I have a set under the captive ball-bearings in the Claws of my Totem Hawks. These are no slouches in terms of isolation, but the Grungebusters make an immediate and pleasing improvement.

Name: Ed Stryker, California
Review: A 1.5 inch grungebuster Dot under each of the Darumas (isolation bearings) made a big improvement. I didn't know how much grunge I had until the Dots went under the Darumas--there's much less grunge now. I'm really pleased at how much of an improvement they made.

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