For audio components to achieve their best potential, they must synergize well together. Cables connecting them should deliver a full-spectrum, linear result without coloration. Components must be isolated from shelves, rack, and floor, which can introduce "character" into the system via their interaction with vibrations. Also, components must be isolated from one another to allow each to work independently in order to synergize well together.

The following products are helpful for achieving the highest degree of operating synergy and ultimate system performance.


Decoupling Interface:

Herbie's grungebuster Dots grungebuster Dots, washers, damping sheets

Vibration Control:

PTFE HAL-O JR Interconnect & Tonearm Dampers
UltraSonic Binding Post Washers Binding Post Washers
SuperSonic Component Stabilizer


Soft Fat Dots Soft Fat Dots

Baby Booties


Baby Booties
Big Fat Dots Big Fat Dots

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