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Name: glen
Message: Would these medicin balls be a good isolation solution for a Garrard turntable plinth to isolate foot falls ect ? the height is good for what I need.

Webmaster's reply: Hi, Glen. MedicinBalls should work very well with the Garrard turntable plinth. However, Big Tall TenderSoft Tenderfeet would likely handle macro-type vibrations, such as footfall issues, better than MedicinBalls; if extra height is needed, the Hi-End Booster Base complements the Big Tall Tenderfeet perfectly, and the combined height is just short of 2".
Name: John B
Message: Installed the MedicinBalls in my three Gingko platforms underneath my Blu-Ray, CD and VPI Scoutmaster turntable. In each case the clarity and level of detail increased and the soundstage became more focused. I would say the level of improvement was a direct ratio of the increased firmness of the MedicinBall compared to the standard Blue and Green Gingko balls. It really is a noticeable improvement.
Name: Pat C.
Message: Beautiful job on the 1 7/8" MedicinBalls. First impression is that they seem to have smoothed out some of the rough edges without losing detail. More musical sounding with better center image.
Name: Harvey
Message: Do you have a figure or jpeg that illustrates the use of "Medicinballs" in a sandbox? Do you use the polymer base for sandbox application?
Thank you and best wishes for 2016!

Webmaster's reply: Hi, Harvey. I don't happen to have an illustration or photo of Medicinballs in a sandbox. The MedicinBalls are simply placed in a sandbox, pushed down into the sand until they bottom out at the bottom of the box. Assuming a depth of sand deep enough to hold the balls in place, no polymer base or anything is needed in addition to the balls.

Thanks for the inquiry and best regards,

Robert Herbelin


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