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Name: Stone-Deaf on
Review: It's rare that a product blows me away so much I feel the need to write about it but the Little Fat Gliders I installed on my speakers yesterday have in fact blown me away.

I installed the gliders on a new pair of Decware ERR radial speakers. I had tried the supplied spike feet and Mapleshade Isoblocks, both products I had some issues with mostly being a pain to use when moving the speakers on the floor. The ERR radials only weigh about 30 pounds each and sit on hardwood floors, the spikes scratch the floor and the isoblocks don't slide.

I simply stuck the gliders to the bottom of the speakers and they easily slid on the floor just as advertised and if that was all they did I would have still been satisfied but what came next was truly amazing.

I had been listening to the Radials for a couple of weeks getting used to them and getting them broken in. I put some music on and my jaw dropped. The bass was much deeper, smoother and the imaging was even better than before. I tried different albums and CDs all had the same improved sound. I have to say this is the biggest improvement I have ever made to my system that didn't plug into a wall socket.

Two thumbs up and a big hoorah! A great idea and an outstanding product, thanks Herbie.

Name: Norm Johnson, Downey, Calif.
Review: These are pretty nifty for under a entertainment center on wood floor. lets you move the whole thing a little when you need to get in back of it. Seems to help with the sound of music, too.

Name: John K.
Review: Gliders, unfortunately, didn't do anything. It may be that the subs are too large for them, or that the carpet is too thick, but they just didn't work. So I'd like to return them and get some more stuff with the credit (and some more stuff on top of that!). I will deal with the subs later when I can afford to do them up properly with spikes.

Herbie's reply: Although Little Fat Gliders usually work very well with subs on thin carpet or bare floor, they're sometimes a bit smallish to do the job (especially with 60-70 pound subs like yours). Giant Fat Gliders or Deluxe Superior Decoupling Spikes would then be most appropriate. I'm glad the other items are working well for you.

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