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Name: Paul Bubny, Maplewood, NJ
Review: The HAL-O JRs helped a very-good-for-the-money set of interconnects perform well above its weight class. Imaging and separation were improved noticeably along with detail, and a harsh midrange emphasis was neutralized. They're like using Windex on smeared glass.

Name: Todd Southworth, Waterloo, Iowa
Review: You probably already know this but your Hal-O Jrs have a nice effect on the typical 1/4" headphone plug. Mine are connected to Senn 650s and it draws the image together and forward, particularly vocals, and gives them a roundness (compared to a flatter source), makes motion from one channel to another all the more apparent, drops a bit of background noise (which you didn't know was there), makes things a bit punchier and brings up low bass a little. Cool!

Name: Eric J. Whitacre, Sound of the Wood
Review: I use and recommend Herbie’s dampers on all my tubes and tonearms. Incredible what such a small device can due to improve the quality of sound. Highly recommended!

Name: Chris VenHaus, VH Audio
Review: This is a remarkably effective tweak to use on analog interconnect RCA plugs, as these cables are VERY microphonic. Works well on digital and component video also.

Name: Boris S. Parta, AudioTweaks.com
Review: I have to admit my expectation for this tweak was only average but I was pleasantly surprised, its performance proved to be actually above average. Overall the HAL-O Jr. Interconnect Damping Instruments presented a more realistic, involving and ultimately more enjoyable musical experience. Subtle yes, but these interconnect dampers are definite keepers. With their low price, 90-day trial period and lifetime warranty they are sure worth a try. You be the judge. Recommended.

Name: Dave Clark, Positive Feedback Online
Review: I have had the opportunity to audition the Hal-O RCA dampers on several cables from different companies. Unfortunaltey the results appear to be more dependant upon the type of the RCA used than anything else going on—at least as far as I can tell! Using the Hal-Os on any metal RCA of reasonable quality and heft, the results will far exceed those as heard on the RCAs found on my reference Audio Magic Clairvoyants—modified Eichman Bullet plugs. That is, one can expect—though not in terms of being a musical or sonic revelation, but they do make a difference—a cleaner more articulate sound with less smear and blur. Using the Hal-Os on either the DH Lab Revelations (locking RCAs reminiscent of Vampire) or the JPS Superconductor 2s allows one to hear more music with less "visual" artifacts. Musical images simply appear to be more stable and defined. On the Eichmans it is more of a "Do I hear the same, or am I just thinking I hear more of the same?" as the light plastic casing appears to be less susceptible to vibrations and such than those based on an audio jewelry origin. At the price, these are one of the final touches any true tweaker must have in the their system. But like I said the differences are not one that will turn heads. I use them and find their look and application a real tweaker's delight!

Name: David Aiken, Parkinson, Australia
Review: I put the interconnect dampers on and noticed a small improvement. I've done a fair bit to control vibration in my system and wondered about whether I would get anything from them but the improvement, though small, is worthwhile. The sound tightened up slightly and gained a little more firmness and definition.

Added: Having already heard what they did on the interconnect between my CDP and integrated amp, I thought I knew what to expect when I placed them on the amp end of the interconnect from my rarely used tuner, and also on the speaker banana plugs at the amp end. Well, I did get what I expected but maybe a bit more of it than I expected and a significant improvement in the overal lsound as the extreme bottom end cleaned up and gained focus and definition. The rest of the range gained too, so I've been playing discs for the last three days listening to tonal qualities on instruments that are clearer and more varied than previously in a much more open and deeper soundstage. Very very nice.

Name: Jeff Hinds, Port Angeles, Washington
Review: I have 5 different armwands for a Thorens TP-16 tonearm, and just thought I would try one of your tonearm dampers. I put it on the armwand last night (right at the connection in the middle) and prepared to go through my stack of reference recordings to judge its effectiveness. I stopped after one record side -- the effect was very noticeable, providing much greater clarity, focus, and musical enjoyment.

Name: Tom Carter, Sunnyvale, California
Review: The interconnect dampers are quite remarkable and have brought my system more clarity and dynamics -- very cool.

Name: Denny, Jackson, Michigan
Review: I have to say, I'm loving the second TT upgrade I got from you--the tonearm dampener. That and the mat have made huge improvements to my TT. (I have a Kenwood KD-2055).

Name: Rabin Paul, Malaysia
Review: To be honest I was expecting to hear little or no difference but was surprised at how much of an improvement they have made. Imaging and musical details are sharper and clearer. It's like everything is in focus now previously being slightly out of focus speaking in camera terms. Great stuff.

Name: Robert Bethune, Rancho Palos Verdes, California
Review: The HAL-O Jrs. on my Ittok has turned it into a 'new arm. The somewhat splashy quality of the Ittok is totally gone and has been replaced with a subtlety and refinement that was previously missing. Details that were lost are now found and the music benefits.

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