HAL-O JR. Interconnect Damping Instrument


Q: How does damping an interconnect do anything?

A. It is not the interconnects themselves that really need to be damped. Damping the interconnects helps eliminate airborne vibrations from the signal path and reduces vibrations being conveyed from one component to another. Any electronic part that amplifies, rectifies, or in any way transforms the audio signal will introduce distortion in the presence of microphonic vibrations. Tubes, capacitors, and digital processors are particularly sensitive. Interconnect dampers help to keep microphonic vibrations from finding their way to these sensitive electronic parts.

Q: Do you really need interconnect dampers?

A. No, you don't. Today's audio electronics are fantastic, but they suffer from two major contributors of distortion: "dirty" electricity and microphonic vibrations. Interconnect dampers help reduce microphonic vibrations. They add an incremental, accumulative improvement to audio systems when used together with good isolation feet and other methods of vibration control. But do you need them? No. Would you enjoy the benefits to your audio system that they might bring? Probably.

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