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Name: John Zurek, Positive Feedback Online
Review: I put on Crosby Still and Nash, and cued up "Guinevere." After listening once I stopped and set the Iso-cups under the Jolida. I lowered the JMW-9 tonearm on the same cut. Instantly, the noise floor lowered. The voices became sweeter, easier to distinguish. Less grunge factor. An overall silkier presentation.

Name: Chris Grieves, Sonic Nirvana
Review: Oh, yes indeed Steve! I am almost in shock after hearing what the iso-cups do with my Atma-Sphere M60s. They take them to a natural, effortless, focused and transparent place that elevates the system onto a whole different level. Delighted.

Name: Francisco Duran, Positive Feedback Online
Review: "These products work so damn well and are so inexpensive I don't know where to start." [full comment]

Name: James Irving, Blue Elephant Audio & Home Video Consulting
Review: To say I'm very impressed is an understatement.

Name: Vade Forrester, San Antonio, Texas
Review: I know you say to let the ball/cup feet settle in before making any judgements, but right away I noticed that the music became incredibly three-dimensional after I installed the three feet.

Name: David Obal, Flemington, New Jersey
Review: I was going to put the Iso-cups under my CD player, but since I was listening to records today I thought I'd try them first under my Wright 200C tube phono preamp. I can't believe what a difference these made! Besides enhancing clarity and upper-frequency detail, and generally tightening up the sound, there was another very unexpected phenomenon: a reduction of the harsh vocal sibilants I get with a few of my records, which until now I'd written off as groove damage since I know my setup is correct. In the worst cases the sibilance was still present as distortion, but amazingly the Iso-cups reduced the distortion to a very tolerable level.

Name: Nils Tikkanen, Santa Cruz, California
Review: The Iso-Cups are AMAZING. I'm hearing detail I've never heard before, and there's a more truth to the timbre of vocals and instruments.

Name: Anthony Landry, Houston, Texas
Review: After installing the isocups (w/hi-end base) under the preamp my system went to another level...WOW

Name: David Perry, Port Chester, New York
Review: I tried the Iso-Cups under my tube amps last night. I'm very pleased; I hear more details, a bigger and more coherent soundstage, more sense of performers in a real space. Thank you for including the info about the blue gasket sealer on the instruction sheet. My amps have a stainless steel chassis. As soon as I unpacked the Iso-Cups I thought about the possibility of sliding off the glass balls, but you provided the solution to that. I also put your Sonic Stabilizers on my Shunyata Hydra power conditioners. I wasn't expecting much change, but voices were more natural sounding and there were more details in the background--not a huge change, but clearly audible and worthwhile.

Name: Adjie Adhiningrat, Indonesia
Review: Following your recommendation, I installed 3 Isocups under my Nuforce amps. The result was simply breath taking. I would have thought clean power was enough to bring musicality to my system. The music was effortless and dynamic before the Isocups. But after the Isocups were installed, my system went from musical to "real". Three dimensional are just audiophile words when describing this effect. It is more like "I constantly mistake recorded sound with real sound" effect. Simply State of the Art indeed.

Thank you for a great product and service.

Name: Mike Adam, Bellevue, Washington
Review: I've installed the Tenderfeet and Isocups you recommended and have been very happy vs. the Gingko Mini-Clouds I had been using.

Name: Toby Earp, Montreal, Canada
Review: I had been using Mapleshade Heavyfeet and a maple cutting board under the Audio Space tube integrated in my bedroom. My Iso-cups arrived a few days ago. I swapped the brass feet out and didn't think much more about it--no time to listen properly. Yesterday I was trying to nap in the afternoon and all of a sudden I noticed that my Haydn Trios sounded wonderful: warm and clear, with rich piano tone and sweet strings. The brass feet had cleared up the sound but the overall effect was too lean. The Iso-cups with lampblack balls have done just what I wanted! The main effect appeared to be a reduction of harshness in the mids and a richer presentation--very nice indeed and well worth the cost. In fact the leanness and the relatively thin harmonics in this system had been bothering me for a while. I had even been considering a speaker change. The Iso-Cups have done the job at much lower cost, and naturally I am impressed and delighted.

The success of this test of course meant that I had to discover the effect of Iso-Cups in my main system. The amps are a pair of Audio Space Nova M-34 monoblocks, like the bedroom amp also on maple platforms and standing on heavy brass cones.

This time the effect was really surprising. The impression was of a larger soundfield, smoother and richer tones, an increase in detail--quite intriguing. The soundstage was clearly deeper, wider and the image more detailed. My room is quite live and not carefully treated and I listen in the nearfield. Still, a convincing, detailed 3-D image appeared. The richer and smoother harmonics I had noticed in the bedroom system were there as well, but what has really impressed me is that the Iso-Cups made my Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods disappear. I am, well, staggered.

The value of your recommendation of the Iso-Cups has been borne out in triple spades. I wanted to tell you how pleased and grateful I am. Thank you very much indeed. Clearly your advice as well as your products are gold standard.

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