Gemstone Iso-Cup Balls:


Herbie's Audio Lab has auditioned more than 300 different materials for use with Iso-Cups. Each material renders unique sonic qualities, affecting sonic linearity and dynamics. Most materials, including very hard exotic metals and ceramics, affect a characteristic "twinge" or other coloration to the music. Very few materials are sonically friendly to home audio. We have fine-tweaked our Iso-Cup formulations specifically to synergistically complement the most affordable of the most sonically neutral materials.

Every audio system is different though. From one system to another, a particular Iso-Cup/ball combination or another might achieve an even more preferable result. The following materials are particularly effective. Differences between one kind of ball and another are subtle, falling within a range of personal preference and system synergies. Sonic differences are equivalent to differences encountered with "tube rolling" among different brands/types of vacuum tubes. Both of the following balls, however, perform very well with virtually any audio or audio/video system: 

Iso-Cup w/quartz ball Deep Moss Quartz: This gemstone is extremely faithful to tonal character. Although not super-fast, it has adequate microdynamic speed to present all the musical energy and nuance of a live performance. With a powerful and well-rounded bottom end, it's ideal for any system not overly bright but perhaps a bit "thin" at the bottom. 1" ball only, Iso-Cup not included: $3.49.ea.

Iso-Cup w/Picture Jasper Ball Picture Jasper: By delivering a sharply-defined and uncluttered mid/lower midrange, this gemstone tends to open up, lighten up, and improve systems that are a bit "dark" or sullen. Deeply extended, linear bass. Beautiful tone/timbre. 1" ball only, Iso-Cup not included: $3.49.ea.

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